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websites with quick/easy recipes?

In an effort to help my family eat better, I'm trying to cook at home more.  I need some ideas for quick/easy/moderately healthy things I can make (preferably one-handed since I have a demanding 9 week old).  Any ideas? 
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Re: websites with quick/easy recipes?

  • Kraft foods always has some easy quick recipes...
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    Kraft foods always has some easy quick recipes...

    I use this website a bunch.  Also check out Campbells.  I just saw a commercial for it the other day and checked it out.  The good thing about both websites is that you can pre-plan and have things ready to go.  It is also easy to sub different items out.  Ex. My H hates cream of mushroom so I usually pick something that will work with the vegtable I am adding.  I also change out white rice for brown. 

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  • I've been using E-mealz for the past few weeks and love it. I've been spending about $20-45 LESS on groceries.

    The recipes are simple and that's what I need right now. Sometimes I can tell we won't like a recipe so I just make something else, but it's nice having all the meals, ingredients, and recipes in one page.

    They have different menu options too if you're doing weight watchers, low carb, low -fat...etc...

    E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families

    ETA: It's only $1.25 a week.

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  • Google has a recipe search function

    Just type some ingredient you have at home plus the word recipe (Example, chicken tights recipe).

    Along with the results, a menu will appear on the left side of the screen. Click On Recipe (fork and spoon icon). This will display a list of ingredients. You can tick boxes withe the ingredients you have, or you don't have.For example: 

    • Ingredients
    • honey
    • potatoes
    • garlic
    • tomatoes
    • crushed red pepper
    • sherry
    • sesame seeds

    You can choose only the ingredients you have at home. This function is excellent to use up stuff you have in the pantry and refrigerator.

    The left side menu also lets you narrow the recipes according to calories (less than 100, less than 300, less than 500).

    You can further narrow it down according to cooking time (less than 15 minutes, less that 30 minutes, less than 60 minutes)  

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