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I begged my boss and he is going to let me have tomorrow afternoon off to go to Eli's Halloween party and visit the new daycare we're interested in.  I promised to work over the weekend and get everything done that I would have gotten done if I were here (which really isn't that much, truth be told).  I just knew I'd be asking for alot since I've been out so much recently and he felt the need to bring that up in my review. 

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Re: Yay!

  • Yay!  Enjoy Eli's first Halloween and good luck with the daycare!
  • Sounds great! Glad he let you have the time "off". Enjoy the Halloween party and good luck with the new daycare!
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  • Yay for the bossman letting you off. Good luck tomorrow with your daycare search.
  • Awesome! Enjoy the party, and let us know what you find out about the new daycare. I hope it is the chnage you are looking for.
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