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12 weeks pp bleeding

i had a csection on 1-6-2011 and stopped bleeding around 8 weeks then at 10 weeks pp i got my period i know this cause i break out and have cramps that lasted about 5 days now at 12 weeks i am bleeding again ? should i call my doctor?

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Re: 12 weeks pp bleeding

  • Are you breastfeeding? Are you on any kind of hormonal contraceptives? I had a c/s 10/20, bled for 4 weeks (cuz my doc sucked out a bunch of the blood when he was sewing me up), and then got my 1st period 11/20. Then I started the minipill and got breakthrough bleeding 12/1. Then I had nothing until 3/21. It takes awhile for your cycles to regulate after a baby, so you may be experiencing breakthrough bleeding but if you start to run a fever, have cramps that don't feel quite right, you soak a pad in an hour, or you're passing clots bigger than a quarter, call your doc. If you don't have peace of mind about it, call your doc. Good luck!
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