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Foot pain after pregnancy?

Hi Ladies,

I'm wondering if anyone out there has been experiencing, or have any information about foot pain after pregnancy.  I had my twins almost 6 months ago, and my feet have been killing me ever since.  Strangely...the soles, heals and balls of my feet feel fine. It is the tops and the hinge of my feet that are sore.  If I'm up and about, they are fine. The discomfort occurs when I get up and walk around after sitting/lying for at least 1/2 hour.  I have a podiatrist appt next week, but I thought I'd check in here before I go.


Re: Foot pain after pregnancy?

  • YES! I experience this all the time! I figured it was because of the epidural.
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  • i do too sometimes but i believe its because my feet grew some bit when your pregnant the ligaments in your feet stretch so your bones end up moving around, i can no longer wear my flats they hurt my feet to much.
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  • That was my thinking too. I'm hoping the podiatrist can offer a solution. I'll be so sad if I can't wear my flats anymore. I'll be happy to pass along any relief tips I may get.

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