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Hypnobirthing and water birth anyone else do it?

Hi Ladies,

I just finished up my hypnobirthing class and am really considering a water birth at the birth center I am delivering at. I'm wondering if others have done it and how it went.

Just as an intro:

My last child was supposed to be born at the birth center also but I developed pre-eclampsia and had to deliver at the hospital (hospital owns birth center). I was induced and ended up with a light epi because the contractions were 20 seconds apart, and my blood pressure was through the roof so I had to lay on my left side the entire time. It worked out well that the epi brought down my blood pressure, and it wore off in enouigh time for me to feel like I needed to push and could feel everything from then on.

Although of course this time if everything goes well I would like to have baby #2 med free at the birth center, so any advice, etc. on hypnobirthing, or waterbirth would be awesome!


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Re: Hypnobirthing and water birth anyone else do it?

  • Yes! I had a wonderful experience with my water birth. I went into not sure if I could do it, but I did. 

    Just practice your breathing, everyday. If you can use it in a stressful situation, that's great too. You just have to be comfortable with it so when teh time comes it's almost second nature. You'll do great! 
  • I got the hypnobirthing book, but there aren't any classes in my area. I am pretty confident that the techniques will work!
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  • No advice but hypnobirthing and a water birth are my plans as well.  ^^<3

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  • I did hypnobirthing and loved it!  As pp said just keep practicing, so when the time comes you don't have to think.  

    My hospital only did water labors, not births.  So I labored in the tub for the last 5 hours and got out to push.  Being in the water was wonderful, I would have done a water birth if I could have.  

    I'm excited for you, I think you are going to have a great experience.   

  • wonderful!

    I loved my HB class and couldn't wait to get down to business. i took my class at 12 weeks though, so when we finished, i had a long way to go. :)

    practice your breathing exercises. create your bubble of peace, positivity and relaxation and hang around in it often. no negative birth stories.

    i had a waterbirth with #2 and can't imagine birthing any other way. my labor was 7 hours and i spent the last half in the birthing pool. the water was the perfect temperature. i had a lot of hot flashes and vomiting with #1, nothing with #2 - likely b/c of the HB techniques and the water. 


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  • I had a hypno water birth with my last (13 months ago) and am planning my second one at home in a couple of months. I practiced hypnosis everyday and toward the end I started listening to the cd's while taking a bath. The actual birth was even more relaxing because the birth tub was way bigger and more comfortable. For me, it really helped to try to simulate what the birth would actually be like.
  • I had a hypno water birth with #1 and am planning on the same for #2.  Between the water buoyancy and the hypnobabies scripts, it was fairly easy for me to relax all the way up until the pushing phase, and for me to focus when it was time to push him out.
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