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How did you deliver?
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Re: S/O Birth Poll

  • DD1: Went into labor on my own, delivered vaginally

    DD2: Induced, delivered vaginally

  • With DD1 I went in to labor on my own and had a c-section (so that's how I voted in the poll). With DD2 I'll have a repeat c-section.
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  • DD1- labor on my own, delivered vaginally

    DS- labor on my own, delivered vaginally

    DD2- induced, delivered vaginally

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  • I picked induced, delivered vaginally for both but I'm kind of a special snowflake.  I had preeclampsia for both kids but was pretty much in labor already when it happened.  

    With O I was 4 centimeters when I walked into the hospital and had progressed to 5 - 6 centimeters before they even started pitocin.  

    With C I had high blood pressure at my 40 week appointment and was still not going to be induced until they determined that I was already 5 cm dilated.  I was sent directly to the hospital for what they termed labor augmentation, as it's no longer considered an induction when you're that far along.   

    Had it not been for high blood pressure I think I would have delivered both on my bathroom floor as I had no pain or symptoms of labor.   

  • I ended up with a scheduled c-section when she was over 9 pounds at my 39 week appointment.... and I had NO progress. Not a bit. Not even when I had the OB check 10 minutes before we went into surgery on my due date. I'm convinced I'd still be pregnant.

  • I voted: went into labor on my own and delivered vaginally, but I'm sort of a SS.

    With DD my water broke at 37 weeks on it's own, but I did not go into labor on my own afterwards.  When I still was not having contractions 5 hours after my water had broken they started pitocin, so it was sort of induced too.

    With DS I was induced at 39 weeks 3 days and delivered vaginally.

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  • #1 my water broke and I went into labor and delivered vaginally.  (this is how I voted)

     #2 I was induced due to a hurricane and delivered vaginally.

    #3 I went into labor on my own and had an emergency c-section due to several complications.  Baby's position and fetal distress.  

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  • Charlotte, have I missed your birth story post?


    I have never seen the term "vaginally" used with such frequency on one webpage, lol!

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  • I checked delivered C-sections, but my Dr. and nurses joked i delivered both ways. I was pushing and would have delivered him vaginally, but he got stuck/hung up and couldn't go any further. Since his heart beat was fading fast, I ended up with an emergency c-section.
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  • DS1: Planned c-section after month in and out of hospital; planned; in our case, planned is also medically necessary

    DS2: Tried for VBAC; ended up with planned c-section

    I've never been in labor, but I was term both times. 

  • #1: Was 10 days late, went in to labor, labored for 18 hours, delivered via sorta emergency c-section

    #2: was 10 days early, went in to labor, was trying for a VBAC but labor was just too similar to #1 and rather than waiting opted for the c-sec after 4 hours of labor

  • diagnosed with flat pelvic bone (can't remember the medical term) so severe that baby would not even be able to enter birth canal.....scheduled c both pregnancies
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  • Combination 1 and SS. I did the castor oil thing in a small amount the day after my due date (and I was 100% certain as to when that was). I delivered vaginally about 11 hours after the contractions started. I had meconium though, and although I will never know if it was due tot he castor oil, I probably won't do it again. 
  • DD 1: went into labor on my own, delivered vaginally

    DD 2: planned c-section due to breech positioning

    Hope to have vbac this time.

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  • DD: went into labor on my own; delivered vaginally

    DS: was induced with Cervidil only; delivered vaginally 

  • Sam was a planned c-section because of previous uterine surgery.

    I've given birth to two kids and still don't know what labor feels like!  (And yes, part of me feels gypped.) 

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