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Balboa Naval Hospital Reviews?

Hey everyone:

 I'm due this summer and as my DH is a Marine, we're to have our baby at the Balboa Naval Hospital.  This is our first child.  Has anyone had their baby(ies) there?  How was it?  I've been very happy with my OB so far, so I'm hoping everything will continue as nicely at the hospital.

I haven't done the tour yet, so I'm hoping most of my questions will be answered on the tour, such as use of doulas, birthing tubs, inductions, alternative labor positions, etc. 


Re: Balboa Naval Hospital Reviews?

  • I am due right after the summer, my husband and I are stationed in Camp Pendleton and that is the hospital I supposed to go to for delivery, However i have heard horror stories about the labor delivery care many women have received. On the other hand i have hear great things about Balboa's L&D care, they recently updated the whole unit, and the nurses are very caring. I may just happen to go into labor down in San Diego if i can because of the great things i hear about that hospital. Naval hospitals seem very lax about answering all the questions us first time mothers have, so make sure you get it all out of them at the tour!

    good luck! 

  • I have been to the L&D of Balboa a couple of times not for me yet. . .in Oct I will.  But I didn't think they had birthing tubs would love to know when you find out.  The delivery I was in the room for went ok but the Nurse kept telling mom that it isn't about comfort it's about having a baby well the reason mom was so uncomfortable was because she was ready to deliver but because she was a first time mom they were only going to check on her every 2 hrs and she was ready in an hour and half, after the epidural.  Which was her other concern with them she went in at 6 because of how close her contractions were and while she was standing there checking in her water broke well they didn't get an epidural to her until 3 hrs later. 

    I guess just be demanding with what you want and don't let them push you around.   GL.

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  • Hi I know this might be a little late but I delivered at Balboa on 1-29 I had a great experience. My daughter was in the NICU for 3 days and they were awesome they offered all the help we needed and we got to stay an extra day in our room so we could take her home. I was there for a week total the food was blah but there is a subway and mcdonalds and a chinese food place on base close enough to L&D that DH got me food when ever I didnt want to eat the food I was getting served. Doctors came in around the clock to check in on us before and after I delivered and the NICU nurses and docs were great. If you think your gonna stay a while bring some movies we rented some from the library which is in walking distance from L&D. They make you watch a movie on SIDS and shaking babies and sign off on the paper work before you take little one home. The lactation specialist are kewl they showed me how to breast feed and use a pump and they will bring a pump to your room if you need to use one. The rooms are nice I suggest asking if you can take a tour of the NICU and the L&D deck and the hospital. We pretty much used everything they had at that place in 7 days. If you have any other questions I can probably help. 
  • just wondering if you've had your baby and how was balboa? I have been going to Scrips and now they are making me change to Balboa and I have not heard good things about it, so I was just wondering how it was for you if u have delivered already.
  • Hi, I broke up with my OB today, he was a nice doctor, but I didnt want to drive all the way to Chula Vista, when I could go to Balboa, I recently registered, and have everything set. My doctor in Chula Vista was telling me that Balboa wasnt so great... that threw me off. But going over the posts here, I'm feeling a little better about Balboa and looking forward to the new experience. 
  • I heard a lot of bad things about the docs there, so much that I went to the tricare office & changed my plan to standard so i can see whatever doc I wanted. BUT at the same time, i dont know 1st hand & it seems that some of the other women had a good experience here. so goodluck! :)
    *Proud Navy Wife*
  • i had my son there almost 2 yrs ago and have nothing but great things to say about balboa. my ob was there and she was awesome. unfortunately she wasnt able to be there to deliver but the doc and nurses that i had were amazing. being my 1st child i was super nervous and scared not knowing what to expect but they really did a great job and made me feel comfortable through delivery and through recovery. i am currently preg with our 2nd and this time were having baby at sharp mary birch cause we no longer have tricare. hubby still wishes we could have baby at balboa, they were so good to us! well see how mary birch goes come mid may.
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