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How do you wake your baby in the a.m.?

I hate having to do this, but there are mornings where she doesn't wake up on her own before we have to leave for work in the a.m.  When she wakes up on her own, she is so happy, and all of her smiles just make my day.  When I wake her up, usually by picking her up and turning the lights on, she gets cranky (can't blame her).  Just wondering how you guys wake your sleeping babies.

Re: How do you wake your baby in the a.m.?

  • I feel for you- I detest waking DD up! She always looks so snuggly. 99% of the time she wakes up on her own, but the other times I open her blinds a little bit and start taking her clothes out, just to make a little bit of noise. At that point she's awake and just lying their sucking her thumb. As long as I move slowly we're okay- I'm so not a morning person either, so I know how she feels :)
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  • I usually just pick him up and start walking around with him. He's the same way though, if he doesn't wake on his own he's a bit cranky. I'd much rather him wake on his own so I can come into his room and he's looking up at me with a smile!
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  • DS almost always wakes up on his own, but when he doesn't, I pick him up gently and hug him for a minute... then I usually nurse him awake.  I always have to nurse before he goes to daycare anyway, so sometimes he'll nurse until he wakes up.

  • I don't have to do it very often, but if needed, I walk into his room and say his name and rub his back.  I turn on his little lamp and get out his clothes, too.  I keep talking and walking back to the crib to gently nudge him.  A lot of times, though, he won't fully wake up until half-way through the changing process.  I hold him longer those mornings than normal because he usually wants to be more snuggly. 

  • I usually pick her up and snuggle with her a bit. Then I lay her on the changing table and start undressing her and changing her diaper. She usually wakes up by then.
  • most of the time i have to wake ds and i HATE DOING THAT!  i start talking to him and rub his back a little then he pops up half asleep and out of it so i pick him up and sit in the glider and cuddle him for a few minutes until he wakes up some more, then he starts pointing to his books and wants to flip through them half asleep (so funny) then i take him to the changing table and we get dressed.
  • I rub his back and talk to him.  He tries to ignore me and go back to sleep.  He covers his eyes with his arm which is eaxactly what my DH does when I wake him up.  It's adorbale. 
  • I ahve to wake up DD about 99% of the time during the week.  I go into her room open the blinds and then turn her light on really low and get her clothes out - basically I make a little noise.  This typically works and she pops her head up and looks for me.  I thne pick her up, give her a snuggle and we move on with our morning routine.  I really think the key is to make some noise that gets them up but makes them think they woke up on their own.
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  • I go in and turn on the closet light if it's still dark (like it is now) and start getting out her clothes for the day, lay out a fresh diaper, and talk softly to her a little bit. As I move around the room, she usually just wakes up slowly on her own. If not, I just put my hand on her and keep talking softly. I don't pick her up until she's awake enough to sit up and reach for me. I find if I pick her up when she's still asleep it seems to scare her a bit and make her cry.
  • ditto mrssayre.  dd is less cranky when she's made to believe that she's waking herself up.
  • I sing to her a cutsie song I made up and pick her up and snuggle her, she wakes up look at me and starts smiling right away...this may change as she gets older tho.
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  • I rub my son's back and say his name.  I let him open his eyes and sit up before I pick him up.
  • I pick her up and take her to her chair for breastfeeding .. she usually wakes up enough to be alert on the second boob.  Once in a while I'll try to change her diaper first, but she cries as if saying "First you wake me and now this!".  Then I put her back in her crib and get in the shower .. she'lll either stay awake and play in her crib or fall back to sleep.  Even if she falls back to sleep, she wakes easily when its time to get up for the day.
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  • Most days she wakes up at some point while I'm getting ready.  If she doesn't, I just go in her room turn on the light, turn off her white noise machine and thats usually enough to wake her up.  It probably helps that she isnt big on sleeping!
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