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Insurance Question...

I am about 30 weeks pregnant and I am on my husband's insurance. My husband may be getting a new job in about 2 weeks, which will switch us to a new insurance company that will kick in on day 1. Does anyone know whether or not I would still be covered on the new insurance (Anthem Blue Cross) even though I'm already 30 weeks pregnant? 

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  • Probably not. Most insurance companies consider pregnancy a preexisting conditions. We don't have Anthem though so you may want to call. I had a friend who paid cobra on her old insurance and add to add a pregnancy rider or something like that. She said it was crazy $ but better than paying out of pocket for the birth.

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  • Yes.  If you don't have a lapse in coverage, they have to accept you and cannot hit you with a pre-existing condition.  Meaning, if your insurance ends today, your new insurance must also begin today.
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