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C25K- 16 weeks?

I was an occasional runner before pregnancy and love the C25K program!  I haven't ran since i was about 6 weeks pregnant and i haven't worked out other than walking since 8 weeks.  I was really exhausted and nauseous for that time period.  I desperately miss running and want to get back at it now that it's getting nice out.  Do you think the C25K program is a gradual enough program to start now?  I don't want to do anything to harm the baby, but i do want to get back to doing something more than walking.  TIA!

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Re: C25K- 16 weeks?

  • You can try it and see how it goes - you may just want to stick to the early week workouts rather than trying to progress through the program. I've found cardio much harder than other things (yoga and weights), and I would have had to push too hard if I did C25K. Keep yourself at a level where you can talk - don't run yourself totally out of breath.

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