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Inconclusi/e ultrasound

I went in for a ultrasound on January 28th 7 weeks prego and they could not see or hear a fetal heartbeat, 2 days after that i started bleeding and ha/ing cramps so I went to the ER and they ran a battery of tests on me and e/en inserted a catheter to fill my bladder so they could do another ultrasound they could see the baby but with my boyfriend peering o/er the techs shoulder he said he couldn't see one either, and the monitor didn't show any heart acti/ity, I was told it could be that i was not far enough along, my dates could be off so now I ha/e another ultrasound scheduled at 9 weeks on Feb 10th to see if there will be a heartbeat /isible, I am so ner/ouse and the waiting is killing me.

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  • I just saw your post today. I don't know how everything turned out, but I am praying for you and I would love to see an update.
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