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Hi Ladies! I am new to all of this Army stuff so bear with me!

 We have orders to Hawaii and have to be there May 16. My question is, Do we buy our plane tickets and get reimbursed? How about moving expenses? Do we have to pay to ship everything and get reimbursed? DH is currently in San Antonio at AIT so this will be our first move. TIA! 

Re: Moving ?

  • When I moved, we didn't pay for anything out of pocket. You still have a LOT of time to plan (I know it doesn't feel like it!) We had our tickets booked for us, and TMO should take care of moving all your household goods. As far as I know, they won't let you do a DITY (do it yourself, pay up front then get reimbursed) move for overseas, even if it's only to Hawaii.

    Your DH should have a TMO briefing coming up very soon- bug him to take care of that, because that will relieve a lot of this stress for you!

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  • Thank you so much. He mentioned a that he had a briefing coming up. He just said that his Sargent told him that it would be DITY. Maybe he was just talking about the guys who aren't going overseas. You just took a lot of my stress away!
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  • Yes TMO(the moving office) will take care of this.  He'll have to take in orders and setup dates but other than that easy.  If you want to get a head start on moving you can get a list of items they wont ship/move for you.  Yard sale/craigslist/goodwill stuff that you wont/dont need anymore because there is a weight limit.  Centralize all important documents(birth certificates,wedding certificate, insurance, etc).  Basically do little things to keep you from running around last minute.
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  • imagecalliem0213:
    Thank you so much. He mentioned a that he had a briefing coming up. He just said that his Sargent told him that it would be DITY. Maybe he was just talking about the guys who aren't going overseas. You just took a lot of my stress away!

    Tell him to look into getting that fixed! In my opinion, TMO moves are a LOT easier, and often people get ripped off during DITY moves. I don't think they can force you to do it, especially since HI is considered overseas, and has special restrictions. But maybe it's just a miscommunication. Either way, I'd have him look into it to make sure.

    Good luck, and I'm glad you are feeling less stressed now!

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  • I highly doubt that you will be doing a DITY move. The move is a DIY type move. I did one from my first base when I moved all my stuff home before I went overseas. I had to do everything from renting the truck, packing, moving stuff into uhaul, uhaul pre/post weight, driving across country, all of it. Since HI is consider overseas they will pick up your household goods for you as long as his tour there is accompanied. They'll even pack everything, so MAKE SURE TO SET IMPORTANT THINGS ASIDE!! Passports, SS cards, I.D.'s, etc. because they literally pack everything. (Make sure the trash is taken out too, they try to pack it.) I hope that helps at least a little bit. BTW I am AF but AF came from Army about 67ish years ago so they are very similar.
  • Go to and start using their moving tools - they have personalized calendars and TONS of info about who/what/where to call and you put in your to/from post and it will break it all down for you.
  • We recently returned from living in Hawaii. You're not even allowed to do a DITY move to Hawaii, even if you wanted to. At least you couldn't 3 years ago. He'll be going to briefings, but so should you! There's a lot of out-processing briefings he'll have to go to, and they strongly encourage spouses to go to a lot of them, because you'll be getting a TON of information regarding the move. Bring pen, paper, and folders (I had a special moving binder to keep all the paperwork, notes, and extra copies of orders in).

    They'll move all your stuff for you, in 2 shipments if you want, or one. They'll let you pack some necessities in a smaller load that gets sent first (pots pans/blankets/etc) and then the rest of your household goods. They'll also ship ONE vehicle for you. The plane tickets will be taken care of as well. If you have pets, that's your sole responsibility (and look into that now, if you do, because there's a 120 quarantine period before admittance into HI). Then once you get there you'll have to find temporary housing (usually the lodge on post, but that is very often all booked, so look into it sooner rather than later). If you don't get into the lodge you can stay at a civilian hotel, but it's a reimbursement situation.

    There's a ton more info that you'll be given and lots of paperwork and pamphlets. So go to those briefings! We weren't given as much notice as you were, we literally had 30 days from the day we got the orders until we had to move (even less on our way back .. .2 weeks!) So take advantage of this time and don't be afraid to ask LOTS of questions!

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