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Giving a bottle

Which do you use?

When we were supplementing I was using Avent and they seemed to flow way too fast. ?I thought that the Medela ones were slower, but I don't think they are now. ?DD seems to suck in so much air when given a bottle.?

Re: Giving a bottle

  • My DD1 too Playtex ventaire which has 2 nipple stages.  DD2 gagged on pacis and bottles, so she has only taken 2 bottles ever.  She will not drink from a bottle for me - but doesn't mind a sippy.
  • The two times we tried a bottle, it was the Adiri Nurser. I still found it very fast...but that could have been my DH's fault :)

    It is boob shaped though! Gotta love that!

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  • We have been using the playtex drop ins during the day but he has been SO gassy. So we got one Avent and one Dr Browns to try.
  • We tried 7 different bottle/nipple combos before discovering that DD loves Playtex Drop-Ins w/ the natural latch nipple.
  • We tried several different kinds, but found that ds liked the playtex drop ins the best. 



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