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Kegel Exercises

What are your thoughts on Kegel Exercises? Anyone have experience with them?

I guess just looking for positives and negatives with them, or if they even help at all.

Thanks! :)

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Re: Kegel Exercises

  • they help. do them!! but unless you have bladder issues NOW, you don't have to do them for "labor prep" until about 30 weeks or so...maybe 32. they are VERY good for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and making those muscles more elastic for stretching when the baby is coming out. i did them, NEVER tore with my 1st... and they are great for aiding in bladder control. yes yes yes, do them!!!
  • Do Kegals as much as possible! I didn't with my first and had a lot of issues after my daughter was born that could have been avoided by strengthening my pelvic floor muscles during my pregnancy and immediately after delivery. 
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  • Definitely do them... it strengthens your muscles!!!!
  • I have never heard negatives. I say do them.
  • I did literally hundreds of them each day whil I was pregnant with DD and just afterward. DH swears I have the vagina of a woman half my age.
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