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clueless about BF...

With ds#1 being 6 wks premature we used formula with my milk no where close to being ready, and to ensure he gained weight quickly. Now with ds#2 due to arrive soon I've been thinking about pumping to feed him, but have no idea about any of it. I've looked at purchasing the Avent pump set since I'm not comfortable with nursing from the breast and I'll be going back to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  • If you are going to pump I suggest investing in a good electric pump.  I used the Ameda Purely Yours and LOOOOOVED it.  I've also heard great things about the Medela, though it is a bit pricier.  In the beginning you will have to pump every 2-3 hours to establish your milk supply, and pump atleast 2-3 ounces since that is how much a newborn will be drinking from the bottle at first.  I pumped a lot from the beginning b/c we had latch issues and I personally tried to empty my breasts everytime I pumped.  I could easily get 6-8oz in about 10 min. with my Ameda (that's not always the case though, so if you don't get that much, don't worry).  I always tried to keep a good stash in the fridge though, like 32 oz.  I did have an Avent Isis (manual) and it took forever to get any milk out and was not so comfortable.  I would definitely suggest looking on, the La Leche group and looking for a good Lactation Consultant (these women are wonderful and sooooo helpful).  Good Luck!
  • I would also suggest trying to decide why you are uncomfortable nursing from the breast.  There sounds like some issues (perhaps related to DS's preemie birth?) there.  Good luck.
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  • ditto getting a good double electric pump. Especially if you decide not to nurse from the breast, you'll NEED the speed of an electric pump.
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  • How come you are uncomfortable BFing?  I thought I would be but after reading some books before DS was born I really realized how important BFing is and I'm so glad I educated myself on it before he was born.  You should try to read a couple of books and maybe you will change your mind.  As far as pumping goes, I also suggest getting a very good double pump.  Right now I"m using the Comfort Select from Evenflo and it's ok but it's a single and it takes forever to pump both sides.  I just bought a new double pump on Ebay and am waiting for it to come in the mail.
  • Ditto pp about your discomfort with nursing from the breast. I planned to, because my mother did, even though I just "didn't get it" - except intellectually (best for baby, reduces SIDS, increases IQ, etc...). I never understood why women were so comfortable with it and why women were so passionate about it. Now I do!!

    It's amazing what can happen when you open your mind to it and surround yourself with very supportive people. Self-esteem & support are key to a good nursing relationship. EPing is a LOT of work - and can be extremely stressful (not good for milk production!). While nursing, requires two things: you & your baby - very easy!

    Please revisit your discomfort. Speak with an LC or a LLL leader - at least the later you can speak with completely free of charge! 

  • Thanks for the input. I'm sure I'll get a lot more after I explain my problem with feeding from the breast, but it just weirds me out. I know how healthy, bonding, and nurturing it is, but there's no way. Please be kind! 
  • I am too very confused on weather or not i want to BF.  I agree with the lady above though too, i think if we educate ourselves more on the idea, we will understand it better.  My doctor also told me, that even if i was unsure, try it out for a few days when the baby is born, and see how it goes, and if i don't like it, or chose not to, that is ok too.  I would just read up on it, talk to others about it, and keep an open mind.  I'm trying to keep an open mind as well, so i know how you feel.  This is my first child and I'm a bit overwhelmed with all this jazz, but it will soon, start to fall into place.
  • I used the Avent Isis Duo.  LOVED it!  Its comfortable, easy to use and came in a stylish black bag that looked just like a work bag. 
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