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Don't test early ... (super long + BFP)


Re: Don't test early ... (super long + BFP)

  • imageromigu:
    yay Jenni!!!!  I am so happy for you!  I hope you have a great pregnancy and I will miss wine chatting with you.  When is your EDD?

    I totally forgot to post that! 11/29/2011 Smile

  • Thanks for all the info!  Congratulations!  Have a wonderful 9 months.

    Me - 37  DH - 38
    Married - Nov 2002
    DS - born April 2007
    DS - born Feb 2013
    DD - due June 13, 2016

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  • Awww congrats!!
    TTC #4(#1 for DH and I)Since 8/2010
    My Dx: PCOS 500mg Metformin 2x/day

  • CONGRATS!  That is wonderful news!  T&P4H&H9M!
    Married on 09.01.07*Me:29 yrs*DH:39 yrs We conceived our first child after 15mo TTC and 3.5 months after DH's varicocelectomy. Beta#1,12.12(18DPO)=2512mIU/ml * Beta#2, 12.14(20DPO)=4744 * u/s1,12.21.12=6w1d,hb=117, poss. anomaly spotted, sending us to Maternal Fetal specialist * u/s2, 12.27.11=7w, hb=144 * Grow Baby, grow! Follow Me on Pinterest <a href="
  • I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!! OMG Jenni I'm so happy for you. :) Congratulations and I hope you have the most amazing pregnancy and I will totally miss your face around here. Left Hug
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  • Congrats!!!
    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="">BFP chart</a></p>
    <a href=" going to punch you in the ovary/tntaekwondo/imgoingtopunchyourightintheovery.jpg?o=0" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>
    <p style="text-align: center;">
    So much <3 to my favorite Shaquie & all my magic lovelies!
  • Aw Jenni! I'm so happy for you! Even though I've only chatted with you for a short period of time, I'll miss you. Congrats!
    EDD 12/2/2011 - BFP on 3/23/2011 imageBabyFruit Ticker
  • Awww Congrats! H&H 9 months!

  • Oh wow, very detailed. Thanks for all the info

    Congrats H&H9 months


    <P>Proud mommy to two beagles

    Our journey to becoming parents

    CD3 b/w: Normal; SA 1.1: Having to redo because of lab error!!; HSG: ALL CLEAR!!!!; SA 1.2: 2/24/12...NORMAL!!!

    Surprise BFP on 2/28/12...Beta 610 @ 17 DPO, 1709 @ 19DPO

    3/9/12 US saw a gestational sac & learned my uterus tilts back

    3/16/12-Repeat US showed us 1 baby with a HB of 128 :)

    4/3/12-HB177, measured 1 day ahead, & the baby was moving!! </br>
    5/31/12- It's a BOY!!!</br>
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  • What a great birthday present that will be!  Congrats!
  • Congratulations! H&H 9 months!
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  • Congrats! Thanks for all the info and I wish you H&H!
  • Congrats! H&H 9 months!
    TTC #2 - CP 1/11.

    <a href="">[img][/img]</a>

    <a href="" title="Parenting Tips"><img src="" alt=" Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker" border="0" /></a>
  • Yea Jenni!!! Congrats!
    Double the love
    photo Eastercollage_zps0735f04a.jpg
    7/30/12 - B/G twins born at 33w4d due to PPROM
  • WoooHooo!! Wishing you a H&H 9 months!

    <a href="">

    Off BCP Jan 11 Dx: Anovulation

    10/23/11-Clomid 50 mg=BFP on 11/20/11!!

    Missed miscarriage found @ 7w3d D&C on 12/20/11

    1/21/12-Clomid 50 mg=BFN

    2/15/12-Clomid 50 mg=?
  • YAAAYYYY!!!! I was waiting for this post!!! Congrats J!!

    12/10 M/C 5 weeks
    05/11 M/C 8 weeks
    [IMG][/IMG]<a href="" title="Ovulation Calculator"><img src="" alt=" Pregnancy Ticker" border="0" /></a><a href=""><img src="" alt=" Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker" border="0" /></a>
  • Congrats!
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

    Praying for Baby Rich since March 2010.

    Fallopian Blockage Cleared in Nov 2010 via HSG.

    DX: Retroverted Uterus, Bent Cervix + PCOS on 3/2011

    SA: Borderline. On the low side of normal...

    [count: 23 mil, morph: 42%, motility 60%] on 7/2010

    Ultrasounds show left ovary not responding to Clomid.

    4/2011: 50mg Clomid+TI=BFN!

    5/2011: 50mg Clomid+Ovidrel+TI=BFN!

    6/2011: 50mg Clomid+Ovidrel+TI=?BFFN!

    Hail Mary Cycle before taking time off for an emotional break, weight loss, to save money for IUI's, and vacations...

    7/2011: 100mg Clomid+Ovidrel+TI+2wwVacation=??

    <3 SAIFW/PAIFW <3

    It's one half timing, and the other half's luck!

  • Congrats!!!! H&H 9 Months!!

    MFI, Lap on 7/21/11 - Stage III/IV Endo and Polyps removed by D&C
    IVF #1 with ICSI - ER 1/20 (16R, 12M, 10F), ET 1/23 (1-10 cell and 1-8cell transferred), BFP on 1/31 Beta #1 on 2/3 = 68, Beta #2 on 2/6 = 261 EDD 10/12/12  
    Baby girl born 9/22/12

    FET #1 - 9/16/13 - BFN

    IVF #2 - ER 11/11/13 (24R, 18M, 16F), ET 11/16 (2 Grade A blasts)
    BFP on 11/23 Beta #1 = 76 EDD 8/2/14

  • Congratulations! Happy and Healthy 9 months!

    [IMG][/IMG] <BR>Married 11/03
    Became a Mom 11/23/09
    Became a Mom again 12/27/2011
    M/C 1/26/09 6 weeks 1 day<BR><a href="">My BFP Chart</a>
  • Congratulations and a happy and healthy nine months to you!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Formerly Otter*Pop
    Dx=Severe MFI IVF#1 with ICSI=BFP!
    Lots of love and luck to my TTGP IVF Buddy Kathy4678!
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  • Congrats!!
    TTC#1 Lap #1 Jan 2009, Lap #2 April 2010, Lap #3 April 2011, Clomid cycle #1 Twin A&B born January 19th, 2012!
  • That is so awesome! Congrats!!!
    From Nebraska to Germany, the adventures of the Zwillinge.

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  • OMG Jenni!!!! Im so freaking excited for you. Happy to know that red raspberry leaf tea works for you. Just started drinking it. You will be so missed and dont be a stranger! Lots of love and luck thru your 9 month journey!!!
  • EagsEags member
    Congrats, H&H 9 months!!
    6th cycle of meds/iui combos = BFP!! - EDD 1/21/13 <3
    Born via emergency c-section - 8lb, 19.75 in, 100% stubborn BFP Chart
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    8 cycles of unmedicated trying = BFP!! - EDD 1/10/18  <3
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    *Waiting for Baby Eags 2.0*;
  • Congrats!!
    [IMG][/IMG] <a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie Third Birthday tickers" /></a>

    <a href=""><img src="" width="200" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie First Birthday tickers" /></a>[IMG][/IMG]
  • Congratulations, that is awesome!  Have a great pregnancy!
    Lots of love to my BFPB, Squishy622 <3

    photo 544b4365-b9ee-4805-ba08-f19896d25dae_zpsd8a0debb.jpgphoto ed61c23b-2bf9-4622-b870-072ac0970775_zpsa90b2a73.jpg
  • congrats! thank you for all the info on what you did this cycle! best of luck!
    <a href="" title="Trying to Conceive"><img src="" alt=" Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker" border="0" /></a>

    <a href=""><img src=""></a> [url=""][img] [/img][/url]
    <a href=""><img src=""></a>
  • Awwww! Congrats! Your EDD is MH birthday! H&H 9 to you! Big Smile
    BabyFruit Ticker

    TTC 2.0
    Surprise BFP! Beta#1:37 Beta#2: 97

    TTC 1.0
    IUI #1=BFN
    IUI #2=BFP! Beta#1:87 Beta #2:1050
    ~It's a GIRL!~
    Lily born 10/30/12

    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    "Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength."
  • Congrats!
    BFP: 6/4/10, M/C @ 5wks | BFP: 7/12/10, M/C @ 5wks | BFP: 1/5/11, M/C @ 4wks
    Unexplained secondary infertility...bleh. Gave it a few more tries and BFP on 3/31
    #1 Beta @ 10DPO: 9 #2 Beta @ 14DPO: 194
    My BFP Chart Lilypie Maternity tickersimage
  • Congrats and good luck!
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  • Many, many congrats!!!
    Siggy Note: Drunk Ron Swanson is on a break while Amy Poehler takes over for a while, summing up my thoughts on all this birth control, prenatal testing, women's issues stuff in the news.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    dx: LPD & low progesterone 11/2011
    BFP #1 August 23
  • congrats!

    TTC since 2010

    lots of IUIs and 1 IVF all BFNs

    FET currently on hold

    photo guiness-1.jpg

  • Congrats! H&H 9 months to you!

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  • Congrats, Jenni! H&H 9 months!
    After 20 months of TTC with PCOS and DH's borderline count,

    Baby #1 is on the way after a treatment break!!

    <a href="">My Blog: Prayin' for a Partybaby</a>
    <a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie Pregnancy tickers" /></a>
  • Congrats and H&H9 to you!!
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  • congrats & h&h 9 mos!!
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  • I can't believe I almost missed this post!!! Huge congrats sweet girl Big Smile
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  • lp0lp0 member
    Congrats!!!!! H&H 9 months :)
    "Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it the more it will elude you but if u turn your attention to other things it will come & sit softly on your shoulder."

    BFP! 04/26/11 - DS born 12/28/11 - BFP #2! 04/02/13 - DD born 12/11/13 -
    My Ovulation Chart


  • Congrats


    bfp 1 - m/c 1.31.11 @ 10 weeks

    bfp 2 - baby born via c-section on 5.4.12 @ 37 weeks

    bfp 3 - blighted ovum/d&c on 4.13.13 @ 8 weeks

    bfp 4 - 3rd IUI, very late BFN with super low P, c/p

    bfp 5 - natural bfp while on lupron, baby born via RCS on 4.27.15 @ 39 weeks

    bfp 6 - surprise! baby born via RCS on 11.13.16 @ 38 weeks

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