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Do maternity support belts help with pelvic pain.pressure

I have some severe pelvic pain and pressure and am wondering if a maternity belt would help me at all.   Everything I read says it helps with lower back pain (which I don't have)


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Re: Do maternity support belts help with pelvic pain.pressure

  • i only wear it around the house when I am cooking or if I go food shopping, etc. But it has helped me with my lower back pain and the pressure in my bottom, it gives some relief to the "my baby feels like it is going to fall out of me" feeling

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  • Unfortunately it didn't help with mine :( It might be different with everyone but for me it didn't work.
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  • Mine helps me a little, but it's not drastic.  Like you, I have pelvic pain/pressure but my back feels ok.

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  • I use one but I'm not sure how much it's helping with the pelvic pain and how much of the pain is just getting better due to my chiropractor. He claims it's a combo of the two. After 4 visits it's gone from unbearable pain to even re-adjust myself on the couch (walking was out for about 4 days) to slight discomfort. I'm not wearing the belt right now because he says it's not really preventative and I feel about 85% better and can't be bothered with it.
  • Mine has helped a TON with pelvic pain! I was barely able to walk when I first got it and it worked almost instantly. I looked online and decided to go with the BRU, heavy duty looking one.

    It's a little bulky, but it does the job. I don't think one of the seamless supports would have helped much at all.  

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  • My mom sells support belts as part of her job and she says that it is for pelvic pain/pressure and can help with back pain too.  I am experiencing all of the above so I am going to go get one today!!!
  • Mine makes a big difference, thankfully. I have the white one from MM and I way it every day I work. I have really sharp pelvic pain that my MW explained is due to cartilidge separation/something like that. She said the belt would help and it has. 
  • i wear a blanqi (light support body shaper) everyday and i think it helps with my pelvic pain a lot. i notice a big diff on days i don't wear it.
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  • Thanks ladies!

    Hoping it helps!

    I'm desperate enough to try using an ace bandage to do the trick until I get one!!

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    My sister used the Symphysis Maternity Belt. She had severe pelvic pain and it helped SO much. When I was pregnant she let me borrow it for my lower back pain, and it totally helped. So I think having the right belt can solve either-or both!- issues.
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