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Does anyone have any recommendations or dislikes for Prenatal Yoga classes in the Tucson area? I found a place called Yoga house at Civano which is not to far from my house and has a class on Saturday afternoons. I would really appreciate some input.

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    I've been wanting to sign up for classes but don't know too much about it there at Civano. The place I've also looked at is called Lyric Yoga on Oracle I think...It's $15 a class every Saturday. I just haven't gotten a chance to go but maybe this weekend. I defiantly want to start doing Prenatal Yoga...

  • I don't know about their pre-natal yoga, but I have heard some good things about the Yoga House.. My mom lives in the neighborhood. Other than that, I don't really have any info on anywhere. 
  • I actually started going to the yoga house at Civano and so far really enjoy it. I signed up for 10 classes. If anyone is considering a pre-natal yoga class and you live on the East side it is a good choice.
  • I live in Civano and have gone there regularly for the past year and just tried out the prenatal class.  It was great and I will definitely go back to that one as I progress in the pregnancy!  You should check it out for sure!
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