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I'm trying to find a KC Royals shirt with no name on the back in 12 - 18 months. Any ideas on where to find them? I've checked out mlb.com and Kansas Sampler and no luck. Wish our team was good....the "good" teams have what I'm looking for. Darn Royals and mlb!!!


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  • Have you checked Target yet? We got a named one (Grienke...oops!) for DS last year and DH thinks they had unnamed ones too (good idea on your part!). Their selection kind of comes and goes, so if it's slim pickings right now, you might check back a little closer to the season opener.

    Babies R Us also had some Royals stuff, but I don't remember if it had names or not. Irritatingly, sometimes it seemed like they had more Cardinals stuff than Royals stuff.  

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  • Walmart and Target occasionally have Royals/Chiefs stuff. Might be worth the look.
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  • I would check Kohls... they usually have great selection of Royals & Chiefs shirts.  If you wait another month, I bet you'll see them EVERYWHERE locally... just a bit early for baseball season!
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  • Also, I know the souvenir shop AT the Royals' stadium sells infant & toddler clothing... in case you plan on attending a game early in the season.
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  • Gordman's sells Royals shirts and onsie's for toddlers/newborns.   I don't think that they have names on the back... They also sell MU/KU/KSU gear too
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