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freezing bm?

I have about 350oz in my freezer and we are completely out of room! MIL said I could use thier deep freezer to store some of my milk. What I wondering though is my milk good for three months still or longer since I will be moving it to the deep freezer?

Re: freezing bm?

  • I would probably keep the dates as though it was in a conventional freezer just to be on the safe side.

    Why don't you just put all your newly pumped milk in the deep freezer and keep your current stash at home and when you need to use milk use that. That way you'll know for sure the deep freezer stash is good and will last much longer.

  • I was not sure how I was going to do it. I guess I could store it in bags in the fridge and then take my milk over to her house once or twice a week. But I still may take some over to her house from this past week.
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  • My LC said it's good in the deep freeze for up to six months.
  • Deep freeze = 6 months
  • I'm jealous -- I wish I could have such a nice oversupply. I'm barely able to keep a one-day supply!
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  • I am in the same boat and have a separate freezer in my garage that is a deep freeze.  I do only keep them for 3 months to be safe. I rotate them out. I take out frozen stuff for daycare and the stuff that I pump I freeze so it rotates out.
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