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cupcake 1st bday party

I am planning a cupcake 1st bday party for my dd and was wondering if anyone else had done this theme?  Do you have any pictures you could share or websites?  TIA!
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Re: cupcake 1st bday party

  • etsy has some sellers which do paper products for parties, like banners, invites, door hangings, confetti, anyhting you can imagine.  It can be done in a cupcake theme easily.  I worked with CiaoBambino and had a great experience with G's birthday party stuff.
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  • I made a cupcake banner by cutting out cupcake shapes from construction paper and putting a picture of my daughter for each month from her birth.  I also baked the giant cupcake for her smash cake.  
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  • Didn't do it myself. But if you search through here there have been a few. And they looked great. Good luck and have fun.
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  • I did for DD's 1st birthday.  I can't remember the site I used for it. but here is a link on amazon.  its the exact ones.  if i need extra of anything i went to the dollar store and picked it up

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  • kmickkmick member
    thank you for the great ideas!
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  • I used these invites:


    Thank you cards:


    These paper products:


    She had this hat:


    Her cake was a sheet cake in the shape of a cupcake and was really cute.  I don?t have a picture on my computer to post. My MIL did not feel comfortable with people eating cupcakes she was afraid it would be messy and the party was at her house.  She did not come out and say It but I could tell by the comments.  If I had it to do again I would still have the cake. 


    This was the favor:


    I decorated her chair with pink decorations and I had balloon floor centerpieces on each side of the chair.  I did simple pink table cloths. 

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  • We had a TON of cupcakes in hot pink and orange in different cupcake stands (Crate & Barrel has a white one on sale now for $14.95 that holds 24 cupcakes). We also had red velvet mini cupcakes in platters. I made cupcake marshmallow pops. I had a 36" cupcake foil balloon on her high chair. Her smash cake was the giant cupcake (in hot pink and orange). I put labels on the water bottles that had a pic of a cupcake and said "Our little cupcake is one!" I found a free template online and free clip art online and made these myself.  I actually didn't use cupcakes on the invites because I was using the colors hot pink and orange and couldn't find a cupcake one with the right colors. I used these invites and said, "Join us for cupcakes and treats" - I bought fabric that was hot pink with white polka dots to use as a tablecloth. I didn't go overboard with the theme, but it looked SO cute since I used the hot pink and orange for just about everything.

    I will try to post pictures later.

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  • We did a cupcake theme party for DD... I didn't go too crazy and mainly used hot pink and purple with some cupcake stuff thrown in. I made these centerpieces and had a cake in the shape of a cupcake (I made a separate one for DD's smash cake) and then cupcakes, and I made these

    For favors, we got lucky and Target had a bunch of cupcake stuff (stickers, foam frame kits, etc) in their dollar section, so I got those (different ones for the boys). They also had aprons so I got some fabric paint and stencils and put each child's name on them. For the older kids, I got boxed cupcake mix and cupcake liners as well. We didn't have too many kids (about 10-12) so it wasn't too hard. I made a banner that I was pretty proud of (I didn't want to pay for the ones on Etsy, but I modeled mine after them :) )

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  • Go to and they have a cupcake theme party we ordered the plates, balloons, candle, and hats from there!! Reasonably priced too!!
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  • DD's birthday party was pink and brown cupcake themed. I bought her outfit (onesie and tutu) from Etsy (FairyWonderful), and I bought this pdf file and printed everything myself. Everything else was DIY (other decor and food). I made tissue poms, a banner of monthly photos, several different types of cupcakes and cake balls, etc.

    For centerpieces I used cupcake stands (Cheap-o Wilton plastic stand covered in scrapbook tape and ribbon) or these cupcake-ish candle centerpieces (terra cotta pots flipped over and secured to the drip trays, painted).



     I did these for favors. The magnet frames were $2 each from Kohls, and I made the cake balls.


    I pre-made a small square scrapbook and then had these cards stacked on a table with pens. Everyone wrote her a little note, and had their picture snapped with her. Then all I had to do was develop the pics and pop them in.


    I also had dd's pics done professionally in the outfit a few weeks before and picked my favorite shot and had plain greeting cards with her photo on front made up at Costco. I used this for the thank yous.


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  • Yikes. Sorry those pics are so huge.
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