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Nuthin But Good Times?

Has anyone been?  My daughter is almost 2.  Is there enough for her to play on here?  or is it more aimed to older children? Thanks!

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  • We are going on Wednesday so I'll let you know!  My DD just turned 2 at the beginning of February.  A friend of mine took her 2.5 DS and he LOVED it there.  She did say that it's a big play structure so she had to go in it with him but he loved it.  The only thing I worry about is alot of older kids in with the little ones.  But I'll let you know what we think after we go this week!
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  • I've heard good things!  I was just talking with a coworker who has been and she said my daughter would be able to do the toddler area (she's just crawling, not walking yet).  Another friend has taken her 18 month old a couple of times.  I think the toddler area is 3 and under and she said there's also a sandbox type play area that not a lot of kids use.  I think my daughter would like that.
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  • Is that the one in Nashua or Merrimack? I feel like Sarah Haradon takes her kids there...she posts on FB...
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