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Breast to cup...

DS has refused to take a bottle since he was 6 weeks old, so my only hope at this point is a sippy cup...anyone else successfully gone straight from breast to cup?  Any suggestions?

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  • That's what I'm planning on doing... I've read a lot of positive things about doing that. I SAH so a bottle has never really been necessary.

    Good luck!

  • I did- and so glad!  I started early (3 months), though, b/c DD was trying to fall in the tub to drink the bathwater!  With pedi's okay, I started offering a few sips of water while in the tub.  She loved it, and it wasn't messy.  Within a couple weeks she would snatch the cup and dump it all over her face trying to drink it, but with guidence got it.  Then I started offering water or BM in a cup with meals when we started solids at 6 months.  By 7 months I intro'd the sippy and she just knew what to do.  SHe is NOT picky and will try to drink from any remotely round container we give her- good luck!
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  • we are doing the same thing b/c DS wont take a bottle either.  we've been putting small amounts of BM in a sippy and offering it to him a couple times a day for the past month or so.  we hold the cup for him, but he likes to play around with the handles; it can get a little messy, but he is definitely more open to the sippy cup than the bottle and it also gets easier with practice!  i go back to work in about 2 weeks so we'll see how it goes when DH offers him bigger amounts.

    btw, we tried a couple different kinds--nuby, playtex, nuk, born free--and the nuby seemed to be the easiest for him to drink from.

    good luck!

  • Have you tried just a regular little-kid cup? We've been helping DS with it since he was 6 months, and he drank breastmilk out of it once or twice (you have to hold it for them, but for DS, just wants to chew on the sippy cup spout). hth
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