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Midwife Rec in LA - Ideally Downtown/Pasadena?

This is my first pregnancy, and I'm considering using a midwife rather than an OB. Does anyone have a recommendation for a CNM? I'd like to explore birth center options other than a hospital. Current OB rec is for Dr. Chang at Huntington Memorial, and she seems great, but I'm concerned about going through L&D in a hospital setting rather than a place really focused on the birth process.

Any opinions or recommendations are highly appreciated! Thanks.

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Re: Midwife Rec in LA - Ideally Downtown/Pasadena?

  • I have been thinking about going with a MW too, but I am currently seeing an OB who delivers at huntington hospital. I feel your pain and am concerned with being coerced at last minute for some unneccesary intervention.


    however my nephew was born at huntington, and my sister LOVED her experience there. Her husband is a physician and their first child was born at Santa Monica Hospital and she said that this was a better staffed and  better designed, more mommy friendly facility (IHHO). She felt supported and well taken care of.

    So, I am torn because I know that Huntington is very well respected place

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