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Imaginary Friends

So, my almost three year-old has a dog named Carla.  We can't figure out if this is a story she read at school or a TV character, but apparently "Carla the Dog" is a member of our family now.  She's quite interesting--pink with a pink and brown tail.  She also has princess parties and wants snacks late at night. 


Then there's "Princess Ariel," (not to be confused with the mermaid Ariel--I asked) whose hair is also pink and who also neds varieties of beverages and foods before bed--and must be dressed identicaly to G at all times ("But mommy, Ariel doesn't have on her pajamas yet!)  sigghhhh...I can't decide if my child is creative or crazy.  Anyone else?

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  • DD has several imaginary friends, but the most important one is "Jake," who is a "worker man" and lives with his wife in Florida. Where all of this comes from, I have no idea, but it sure is cute! And I think it definitely falls under the "creative" category.
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  • We've got imaginary friends here too. Only Emma's are the Backyardigans and the gang from Scooby Doo - she's on a Retro kick lol. They have to come with us everywhere we go; when we're getting in the van, we have to make sure everyone is in and buckled before we close the doors. Tongue TiedBig Smile
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  • I had to put an imaginary friend in time out for hitting today at the request of my daughter.  ha.  Hers are actual people we know but are never around...cousins, etc.  Oh, and Paula Deen cooks with her :)
  • DD has an imaginary sister named Cinderella. She's about 6 inches tall and always wears dresses. DD carries her around in her hand all the time.

    We had her 3rd birthday photos taken the other day. She stopped the shoot because she left Cinderella in the changing room. She is a very important part of DD's family. Too cute!

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  • DD has two: Sara and Tucker. They change forms all the time. Sometimes they are ponies, sometimes kitties, sometimes babies, etc. Sara is rather naughty. Yesterday DD came to me complaining that Sara kept saying "mother fvcker" and that she (DD) kept telling Sara that "mother fvcker" is a bad word but she keeps saying "mother fvcker"... It went on and on! I had to have a long talk with DH about watching his language around the child, and a talk with Sara about appropriate words. Parenting is awesome, lol.
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  • DD1 has an imaginary friend named Wawa. He started hanging around about a month after DD2 was born, and now he's almost always with us. He recently turned 4, and he had a Wow Wow Wubbzy party at our house yesterday. But only pretend, of course, because when I suggested we use our M&D cake set to sing happy birthday, DD1 promptly informed me that he already had a Wubbzy cake and we were ONLY PRETENDING. lol.

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  • Madelyn had one specific imaginary friend for a long time. She was starting to blame things on the imaginary friend so we started telling her that that particular friend couldn't come play anymore.

     Now, she just says "my friends" and it's not a specific one. 

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  • My DD used to have an imaginary friend named Kenda who was just like her, but a year older. She was always around for about 6 months last year, but I think DD has grown out of it because we haven't heard about her in quite a while. DD just turned 5 last month.

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  • KGskyKGsky member
    This is great!  So my child is not crazy...or at least she's in good company!  It's quite cute, but you always have to wonder when the kid is seeing/talking to things that aren't there! LOL
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