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Local mom/play groups?

I'm a stay at home, first time mom, in the Westbrook/Greater Portland Area. The only friends I have that are already parents work all day and I was hoping to find a mom group to meet up with one a week or so, just to get advice and have a chance to get out of the house. My son is 6 months old and still a bit young for most organized group activity programs out there. Does anyone have some suggestions or know of a group already around?

Re: Local mom/play groups?

  • I'm a stay at home mom also, but I have 4 kids. I am in the area but I know of no groups at all. Its kind of disappointing because I know there are mom SAHM in the area but I guess they just don't pull together. 
  • Hi there!  I'm a stay at home mom as well and live in Saco.  My son is 8 months old and I have a 7yr old daughter, who is in school all week.  I would love to find a mom group as well!  The winter months are so long when you are stuck in the house with a little one.  If you find a group please let me know! ~Danielle 
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  • Sadly, I still haven't found anything for smaller babies. The one group I did find (Mom to Mom of Maine) charges $25 for membership & meets in Portland on Wednesday nights, which is not at all convenient for me as a SAHM. 
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