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Crying at daycare...

Today is my DDs 2nd day at daycare. ?She's 3.5 months old. ?On her first day there, she cried a lot. ?And today when I dropped her off, she was crying again. ?Our caregiver was trying really hard to console her, but no luck. ?But when I held her, she stopped. ?Can a 3.5 month old have separation anxiety already??

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  • I think the DCP just needs a few days to learn how to calm YOUR daughter.  I don't believe at that age they can really have separation anxiety.  I've seen it from kids that started daycare closer to a year.  For them it takes a week or two to adjust.  My daughter has been going to the same place for 1.5 years now and just over the summer when she transitions rooms and had a new teacher, there was a period of about 3 weeks where she was upset during the drop off time.  She was fine the rest of the day and didn't want to leave at the end of the day, but it was just another transition for her to adjust to, and there will be many more to come throughout the years.

     My advice is to just give it some time and maybe let your DCP know what usually works for you to soothe her.  Perhaps take in a swaddling blanket from home or something else familiar to her.

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  • My DS had the same issue the first 2 daya at daycare. By day 3 they both had it figured out. I think he just needed to adjust to new sounds etc after being home with me for 12 weeks. Your DC will adjust.
  • It will get easier.  Try taking in a favorite blanket or something she would recognize.  I do not think she is old enough for separation anxiety yet.  She will get it, it is just a new routine you both have to get used to.
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  • Thanks for everyone's responses and support! ?I just hate hearing that she was upset. ?Crossing my fingers that everything will be better soon. ?
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