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Nice Maternity clothes????

Where has everyone been shopping for good maternity clothes? I need a nice dress for my baby shower and finding nice maternity clothes is REALLY HARD. I am in the Virginia Beach area. Any suggestions? :)

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  • Hey there!

    I just had my baby shower and I found a nice dress at Ann Taylor loft online....they have a maternity section and a lot of their stuff often goes on sale for 40% off.  Good luck!


    ps- I am having my first baby, a girl due on April 4th and also live in VA Beach:-) 

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  • I've had really good lucky with Gap. Their website lets you search for stores with a maternity section. The quality is nice and everything seems to be cut pretty nicely. My style is usually a little more Charlotte Russe, but the stuff at Gap is nice and versatile.

    I thought that Old Navy would be okay for basics, but I went by the other day and it was horrible - unflattering and cheaply made. I know, I know, it is Old Navy, but it was really bad.

    Ann Taylor Loft is nice for dressier stuff. Give your local store a call first to make sure they carry maternity though.

     Motherhood maternity is okay. The clothes are work appropriate and pretty cheap. I did get a super comfortable pair of slacks there for $26a though, so I guess I can't complain. I just wasn't in love with anything they had.

    I've had Goodwill recommended to me a couple of times. I'm normally up for some good thrift shopping, but being short and pregnant has taken the fun out of it and I don't know if I'm up the sort of searching thrift storing necessitate.

    I've heard that JCPenny's actually has a nice maternity section. I haven't checked it out yet. Those are the places that you can buy locally.I'm actually on the opposite side of the state, so I'm just listing placed that have stores in larger cities and don't know about any smaller stores that are local to you.

     Target. Love their basics.

    I prefer in store shopping because I hate returning stuff. For online shopping I like, and though I haven't ordered anything from those places yet.


     EDIT: Wow, I just realized that this post is from 2009. Well, I guess it you decide to have another child, the information will be here. Big Smile



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