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Base housing-San Diego

We have always lived off base but are considering moving to base housing in San Diego. Has or is anyone living in base housing in SD? Do you like it, pros/cons?

ETA: DH is at Coronado.

Re: Base housing-San Diego

  • Hi! I'm going to assume you're moving to Miramar since you're a Navy wife but if by some chance you're moving to Camp Pendleton, we love it here! It depends on your rank and grade, obviously, but we live in the Del Mar housing district and we have a gorgeous house. Its 3 bedrooms (and that's standard for a couple with no children), 2.5 baths, and tons of storage. The houses are only a few years old but the wait-list can be anywhere from 6-15 months. If you're enlisted, there is new housing in San Luis Rey which is supposed to be nice. I think you can get in there sooner but maybe not right away.


    I'm not sure of the housing situation down on Miramar. My husband was detached to a unit from there while he was deployed and they were always sending out newsletters about housing so I think its pretty easy to get in. I hope this helps a little bit and good luck on your move!

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  • Sorry, I should have specified. DH is at Coronado. We would love to get onto Coronado but know that is a long shot. Probably more likely will be in Admiral Hartman.
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  • We live off base. Getting into base housing here in SD is very competitive. Rank and family need play a major factor. If you are a family of 5 you have a better chance than if you are a family of 3. Personally, I would suggest staying off base. Yes, we do have nice base housing in SoCal but our BHA is very generous and you can find something very nice and still be able to save money. If you live on base you don't get that option....Also, if you are staying here for a while, I suggest buying. Especially right now. Market is hot here. Best of luck :)
  • We are a family of 4, no pets, and got into housing pretty quick. I'd say about 2 month wait time. We live in Lakeside and really like it. Our house is about 1500 sq with a nice sized 2 car garage.

    It depends on where you want to live is basing you on your housing wait list time. My husband drives about 30 minutes to work and we save a decent chuck of change by our BAH alone.

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    Sorry, I should have specified. DH is at Coronado. We would love to get onto Coronado but know that is a long shot. Probably more likely will be in Admiral Hartman.
    It wouldn't hurt to try! I have a friend that wanted point Loma housing which is usually a long wait and she called and thy just happened to have a spot open. My husband is at 32nd street and we live in Murphy Canyone and I love it! It's a duplex so only one joined neighbor who we never hear, fenced in yard, mini nex down the road, gas port, a swimming pool tons of playgrounds. There is a wait list here because of it being pet friendly but there is a hot sheet that's updated every 2 weeks or monthly that shows you places that are available immediately. I have actually never heard it being "competitive" to get into housing just obviously some places have longer waits than others due to supply and demand. Here's the hot sheet and the Lincoln housing website
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  • I live in Murphy Canyon and quite enjoy it. The community is great, houses are a tad small, but still good. We have a 4bdrm and the 4th room is so tiny it's hardly usable as a room, but our two older kids (4yrs and almost 3yrs) room together and the baby has a nursery to herself.
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  • My husband is also at Coronado, we live in Pomerado Terrace (they allow dogs) I love it here, its fairly quiet here, clean, nice area.  It take my DH about 20-30 mins depending on traffic that day to commute. Its near Miramar in case you have not heard of it.

    I spoke to someone else before that said she couldn't be paid to live in the E-5 and BELOW housing in Coronado.  That is where I originally wanted.  The list is longer too.  I like Murphy Canyon but parking around there can be a real pain at times.  Of course this is all personal opinion from what I have experienced. 

    I wish you luck and hope you get what you want.  :)


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