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Ultrasound today.

I am a little nervous.  I get to see if my baby is still okay (no reason to suspect otherwise but I am paranoid.  Stupid previous miscarriage...)  and to check to see if my subchorionic bleed has resolved itself (DH has been denied lovin' for about a month now because of this.  He is really hoping things are good there!).   It's a dating ultrasound so I will get the official due date today AND we will be spreading the news far and wide that I am again knocked up.  Here's hoping everything will go well today! 


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Re: Ultrasound today.

  • Good luck! Report back.

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  • Good Luck!
    Little E born 12.10.09 Little A born 04.19.12
  • Good luck!  After my m/c I was totally paranoid my entire pregnancy with DD.  Even when I was in labor I was worried she'd be still-born.  Until the doctors gave the okay did I start to relax.  Good luck with the US!!!
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  • Good luck!  Hope all goes well!
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