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We're planning to have a baby blessing in our home (much like a baptism/christening, without the organized religion) but don't have an officiant/minister. Our ideal person would be open-minded, spiritual, compassionate, grounded and neither overly religious nor too new agey. Any recommendations? Anyone else do anything similar? What did you do? We so much appreciate your input.

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  • This is a great idea - we may borrow it!

     We are not religious (spiritual - yes, religious - no) and we wondered how to go about doing something symbolic.  When DH and I married, we asked my FIL to get "ordained" online so we could do everything our style.

     I remember looking at the book FIL has - and there were suggestions how to do weddings as well as baptisms (spun YOUR way).  We didn't pay attention to that aspect back then - and may ask to revisit his book for our little guy.

     Just a thought.... and it doesn't have to be someone ordained.  It just came to mind since I remember FIL has the book with all the suggestions.  Otherwise, I am sure anyone who is openly spiritual would be great.

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  • what a great idea! our wedding officiant did a variety of non-religious ceremonies:



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