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Switching formula

My LO is very fussy after eating. He seems to have terrible stomach issues because he had terrible spit ups after eating, frequent swallowing like he has stuff in his throat, congestion only when laying down, and has been really gassy. My pedi has recommended having him stay up 30 mins after eating, burping every 1/2 oz, smaller feeding portions, and raising his bassinet at one end while sleeping. He stated he wanted to try all of this. We have been doing all of this and he still becomes very fussy. He is still gaining weight, eats frequently, and has normal amounts of wet diapers. He is having trouble with constipation. So we have to give him 1 oz of apple juice in replace of 1 oz of the water in one morning feeding and one evening feeding. 

 With all that said.....I was thinking that if we switching from Similac Advanced to Similac Sensitive. The nurse from my pedi told me that switching formulas was not the answer but from what I'm reading on the internet is really helps with sensitive stomachs. Any thoughts???

Or should I just call back to the pedi and make an appointment? 

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Re: Switching formula

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    Sounds like my DS. We have been doing all the during feeding burping and propping up plus we put him on a rice starch formula but that just caused constipation. We since then have switched to Gentlease and he seems to be a doing a little better. He has also been on Zantac to help with the reflux but that made him really constipated so our pedi gave us Prilosec. He refused to take the Prilosec though so now we have to go back on Monday to figure out what our next step is.

    When it comes to figuring out what works best for our LOs it is a guessing game that can last for a long time but you have to try different methods to figure it out. I would definitely try switching a formula if your LO isn't responding well too it or not as well as you think he could.


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    I'd check with your Pedi. We changed formula's for her supplements and she's doing better on it.
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    We used to have a lot of problems and switched formulas a couple times. Now DS  is on Similac Sensitive and doing a lot better.
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    Sounds alot like my little boy, we thought it was colic. We breast feed and supliment with formula and switched to Enfamil Prosobee from the newborn formula and he has totally turned it around... it is like he is an entirely different baby, even sleeping  up to 6 to 8 hours....
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