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(from SAHM) what toys are still a hit from the holidays?

What toys do your kids still love from Christmas etc?  Were there ones that you thought would be a hit and aren't, or vice versa?

DD LOVES her pillow pet (won't sleep w/out it), M&D metal shopping cart, wooden doll bed, Diego wii game got a lot of use (but starting to lose interest).. these we all thought would be a hit and we were right!

16m old - elmo doll, M&D shopping cart, plastic pull cart, small piano keyboard

Stuff that they aren't into:
wooden doll table/chairs: kids sat on them and beat them up so I put it away til the kids are older. 
rubber stamps - no interest.
wooden train with stacking blocks
furreal kitty - got about a week's worth of play

Re: (from SAHM) what toys are still a hit from the holidays?

  • DD:  dollhouse, art easel, some of her new dolls, piggy bank, mirror, flashlight, new books

    DS:  elmo doll, trains, Little People airport (playing with the cars and planes and using the track for the trains he has), ride-on fire engine and firefighter hat

    Not into:
    *  alligator see-saw.  DD likes it more than DS.
    *  DD's pillow pet -- she likes it but isn't in love with it.
    *  new big puffy car -- they both prefer the other one we have so it has not alleviated the battles as we'd hoped
    *  DS's books -- he's really picky and hasn't taken to these as I'd hoped.  He can be slow to warm up to new things so still hoping.
    *  Leapfrog Clickstart -- DD not as into this.  Plays with it for maybe 5-15 minutes and is done and usually plays with it once a week or so. 
    *  Kinect animal game -- kids are too young for it. 

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • Hit:

    Nintendo DS and games
    Kitchen accessories
    Perry the Platypus doll (she sleeps with it every night)

    We really didn't have any total misses this year, but the Toy Story 3 DVD is starting to be less played (after a month of almost solid play, so it was worth the money). 

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  • DD: Her Leapster Explorer

    DS: Step 2 train table

    Not as big a hit:

    PBK Anywhere Chairs, Zoobie Pets 

    Mrs. 5/03*DD 2/07*DS1 5/09*DS2 7/12
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  • Hits:  

    Pillow pets - huge!  The older boys sleep with them every night and drag them around all day.  

    24 piece puzzles get put together every day.

    Phineus and Ferb walkie talkies.  DH and I even used them when we were working on a lighting project on different floors.  

    Scooby Doo pajamas (DS#3) and Transformer pajamas for the older boys.  They quickly became favorites.

    Buzz Lightyear Wing Pack.  All the boys love playing with it. 



    Complete Handy Manny main street with blue prints and tools to put it together. Too much trouble.  I seriously considered super glue-ing all the pieces together so they could play with it like a doll house.

    Portable parking garage with cars for DS #3.  It got maybe five minutes of play.

    Moon dough.  DS #2 loves it but I HATE it.  It's messy. 


    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

    DS#2 - Allergic to Cashew, Pistachio, Kiwi

    DS#3 - Allergic to Milk, Egg, Peanut, Tree Nuts and Sesame

  • Huge hits: Thomas the Train set; trike; wooden barn w/ horses; any of several books and art supplies

    Disappointments: Pinkalicious doll and unicorn (she adores the books); Melissa and Doug car carrier truck; toy lawn mower

  • Hits:
    Beanbag chair (surprisingly)
    M&D castle
    Playmobil zoo and hospital (though I went a little overboard with the zoo stuff)
    Playmobil dolphin tank
    Pillow Pet (which I thought was a total waste, but she uses it all the time)

    Really, I thought out her gifts pretty well this year and coordinated with my family to purchase those things. The stuff she doesn't play with are the junky little things that my mom sent for her stocking and the stuff from my MIL. Cheap plastic dolls, container with 15 Chapsticks, etc.

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  • The kitchen set still gets lots of attention and we figured it would.  DD loves to do grown up things and the kitchen set is right in her room so...

    She also likes her Mobigo.  She's always switching the game cartridges and plays on the "difficult" setting.  She's gotten a pretty good hang of them so it may be time for a new one.  The other Christmas gift hit is the "Hello Kitty" DVD (picked up at the last minute) as well as the books Santa left. ;)  We read every night before bed and those are always requested.    

  • My daughter LOVES her mobigo! Shes constantly playing it!!! We got her the storage cartiridge at christmas and it hold TONS of little games you can download to it for free!! My son is 18months and we even had to buy him one and he constantly plays with it (not that he knows what he is doing, but he is learning little things!) 

    My daughter has yet to leave her step 2 kitchen alone and we got it last christmas. I would say her favorite toys are her kitchen, her my little ponys, her mobigo and the just dance game for the Wii, we have just dance kids however she really likes the regular just dance! =)

  • For DD (age 4 1/2):

    Hit: Leapster Explorer, Pillow Pet, Barbie dolls, Princess tent and sleeping bag, Princess bike

    Miss:  Tangled doll head for her to play with the hair, big bucket of art supplies - she mainly prefers crayons, magnetic Princess doll set

    For DS (age 2 1/2):

    Hit: Hungry Hungry Hippos game (he loves this!), Handy Manny construction set, Pillow Pet, Black & Decker tool set

    Miss: "Cars" ramp, toy garbage truck, electric Thomas track set (he plays with this if I set it up, but destroys it quickly)

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