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Swing Set?

We are thinking of getting a swing set for the boys.  I've starting looking on-line and now my head is swimming with all the options!

Has anyone bought a wooden swing set that they like?  Or just as importantly, one they didn't like?  I'm having trouble finding one that will be big enough for all three boys to play on without being gigantic and taking over the entire backyard.  

Also, moms of boys, what features did you find they liked best?  I'm trying to find slides and rock walls and climbing ropes.  DS #1 also wants it to have a "fort" which seems easy enough with all the options out there.



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Re: Swing Set?

  • We got ours from Walmart 3 years ago, the pathfinder http://www.walmart.com/ip/Adventure-Play-Sets-Pathfinder-Wooden-Swing-Set/13321079

    there are others as well, we got it in-store


    DH is not handy and him and my dad and his dad got it together in a few days, working on it for a couple hours at a time.  It had held up great, we did re-stain it last summer from some fading, but it is the perfect size for our yard and 4 kids can swing on it at a time

  • http://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/49742268.aspx


    This link leads to a similar thread on the school-aged kids board.  This post is a mom of 2 girls.  I found that my son and daughter (and their assorted friends) like the same features the best.  My son is a little more into the monkey bars, and a little less into just swinging, but generally they both loved climbing and sliding, and using the swingset as the basis for pretend play.  The playhouse is a real plus.  Having the whole swingset in the shade is also a plus, if your yard allows for it.  Plastic slides and seats can get searingly hot in summer sun.


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  • We have this one from Rainbow. LOVE it. We've had it for 2 years now and each year, the kids are growing into it more and more. It has pretty much everything that you could ask for and while it is large, we do have room for it in our backyard.


    GL in your search! 

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