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Anyone else getting skin tags during pregnacy?

I seem to be getting a few and one of them is on my breast.  It's small, but creaps me out.  I saw online that it looks like it's totally normal during pregnancy, but will be bringing it up to my dr next week. 
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Re: Anyone else getting skin tags during pregnacy?

  • i am...i have some on my neck. one on my breast. i believe that it is more common in ethnic women or atleast that is what the dermatologist had told me prior to being pregnant. I have gotten a lot more since being pregnant. boo 
  • Ugh. Yes and I hate it. I don't have a lot, just one or two under my arms and one on my boob. Oh, and this morning I found one on my inner thigh- wtf?!?! I know this is gross, and probably not the best idea, but if I can I just yank them off. Ick!
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  • I get them on my boobs all the time now. Very gross. But they're easy to remover, even by yourself and it's not painful at all.

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  • I had one under my arm pit pre-pregnancy and now I have another. I'm just hoping they don't start popping up in other places.

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  • I had gotten them with DS, but they went away after I had him. I got one on my neck now.
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  • Not skin tags but I've had some new beauty marks/moles pop up and they itch horribly while they are appearing - I have a derm appointment this month just to get them checked out.
  • How do you gals remove it?  Will it come back?
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  • i have a few too...usually around my chest. i was beginning to worry and am glad to know it's a pregnancy norm
  • ugh, that is one of the things I hate most.  I have tons on my neck and one on my arm pit that my bra rubs on.  They're disgusting.
  • Yep. I had them pre-pregnancy (a couple under my arm and a teeny one on my stomach under my right breast and a few on my neck) and I've always hated them. The one on my stomach started growing really fast, so I had my midwife remove it for me. She tied suturing (sp?) material around it (I think thread would also work perfectly) and put a band-aid on it. After a couple of days, it fell off.

    I hate them, and after LO comes, I'm going to have all of the ones from my neck removed. The other ones aren't as bad because they're not visible, I guess.

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  • I've had 2 under one of my arms, closer to my boobs- I just took my fingernails and pinched them off {it didn't hurt}.
  • Yes, a few on my chest and under my breasts.  I had one under my arm that I accidentally nicked off with the razor.  It didn't hurt but it did bleed a bit, but stopped with a bandaid with no harm done.

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  • I do, unfortunately its in my bikini area.  My OB said he'd remove it during delivery.  If not then, he'll do it after the baby is here.
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  • i had one on the side of my boob. it just fell off one day. it was sort of weird actually. i still have a few on my neck though.
  • I've had a couple, but I didn't associate them with the pregnancy.  What a random symptom!
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  • I have one on my inner thigh.. unfortunately I cannot see to remove it. I have had them before and they are easy to remove yourself. I use a piece of ice to kind of numb it and then some sterilized finger nail clippers and off they come. Doesn't hurt but, they will bleed a little (depending on how big).
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  • I too have one, right on my bikini line, I cannot see to shave so I was just feeling my way through the job and felt it.  No trimming up for me from now on until that this goes.  I am going to ask my OB to get rid of that during delivery too. 
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    Ugh. Yes and I hate it. I don't have a lot, just one or two under my arms and one on my boob. Oh, and this morning I found one on my inner thigh- wtf?!?! I know this is gross, and probably not the best idea, but if I can I just yank them off. Ick!

    I've noticed that I get them more now.  And good or not, I do the same thing. 


  • Yes, I have a couple on my neck.  They are very tiny and are not noticeable to anyone but me... but I hate them!


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