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Joining your group :-)

Hi ladies,

Hope you don't mind a new member!

I am very early in my pregnancy so i'm still cautious, but today we heard both babies heartbeats and that gives me a lot of hope and joy :-)  Baby B is about 4 days behind Baby A at this point, so I told DH that Baby A must be a girl and B a boy ;-)

I am a twin and am very, very close to my brother, and so i am very excited that my babies will also have this bond!  I am terrified of actually having and caring for them early on, but look forward to it as well ;-)

I work full time for a company comprised mainly of european men, so i'm hoping to keep all this on the DL for as long as possible.  How long did you ladies wait to tell work?  Can i get away with 20 weeks???


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Re: Joining your group :-)

  • Congratulations!! I think its going to be hard to go 20 weeks without people guessing. I'm tall (5' 9") so I didn't show too early, and I'd say that I could have gone 18 weeks without people knowing--also this is my 1st pregnancy. But I would have had to wear very clever clothing options to hide the pudge that I started getting around 18 weeks. And considering spring is right around the corner and the clothes are going to start getting skimpy for warm weather.
  • Welcome!!!

    I'm 20 weeks now and there's no WAY I could hide it lol... I've only "popped" in the last couples weeks though, I probably could have gone to about 17 weeks playing the "pregnant or gaining?" game.

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  • Congrats!  I would love to wait until 20 weeks to tell, but I don't think that's going to happen.  I'm 13 now and I might tell my boss later this week when he gets back from vacation. 

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  • welcome and congrats!

    everyone carries differently- but 20w with twins you will likely look pretty pregnant.

    you will also likely need a lot of doc appts-  between regular visits, seeing an MFM/Peri for US's, etc  - so telling sooner than later would probably make life easier.


  • Congrats and welcome!! I agree with Goldie - even if you were able to get away with baggy/empire waist shirts until 20 weeks, there are a lot more doctor appointments to deal with than a singleton pregnancy.

    I told my bosses after we made it out of the first trimester, and I was already showing a bit (although a lot of it was still bloat).

    I would also recommend picking up Dr. Luke's book - When you're expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads - it is a very useful resource.

    Congrats again!

  • Congrats! I looked really pregnant at 20 weeks!!! But...maybe since you work with a bunch of men they won't notice :)
  • I also looked really pregnant at 20 weeks.  I ended up telling my boss pretty early on because I had severe morning sickness.  My trashcan was my friend more then once.  There was no hiding it.

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  • CONGRATULATIONS!  I'm at 22.5 weeks and there is no hiding it!  I made it to about 13 weeks and then needed to tell, mostly because of the extra doctors appointments that people mentioned, and then right after that I popped so I would have been outed anyway.

    I love hearing that you are a twin and are close to your brother!  We're boy/girl and so excited!

  • Welcome aboard!!
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