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How do you increase breastmilk supply?

I am not too worried about this yet as DD is only 5 days old and my milk only came in 2 days ago. But I only get 2 ounces TOTAL when I pump. DD won't latch on the breast ( we are seeing a lactation consultant tomorrow) so we are pumping and feeding out of a bottle.

I pump every 2 hours almost on the dot and get 2 ounces each time. She eats about 2 ounces every 2-3 hours. So my supply is just keeping up with her demand. We saw her peditrician today and she said that for a 5 day old she is actually eating a lot, more than most 5 day olds do. We have no idea how much to feed, how to know how much is enough, etc. We are just going by instinct and feeling our way along.

So my question is even though I am pumping pretty much as much as I can and feeding her on schedule, I don't have any supply built up and I would like to get some milk in the freezer or fridge. Is there anyway to increase supply?


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Re: How do you increase breastmilk supply?

  • For starters, I'd try posting this on the breastfeeding board.  You'll find EPers there, and they'll probably have some good advice.

    You could try fenugreek or something similar, but I'd start with trying to make sure you're eating well and are well hydrated. Your supply is still establishing itself, so just make sure that you're pumping every time she eats.  Hopefully the LC will be able to help you get nursing straightened out.  Babies are more efficient than pumps, so if you can get her nursing again that should increase your supply.

    Good luck!

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  • Stay hydrated - and oatmeal can help up your supply - oatmeal for breakfast everyday does wonders for my supply!

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  • I just ordered mother's milk tea from, hopefully that will increase my supply so I can actually store some milk.
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  • As the pps mentioned, stay hydrated and eat lots of oatmeal. There is also a lactation cookie recipe that you can try.

    But what you have to know is, 2oz is perfectly average no matter how old LO is or how long you have been pumping. Most moms who exclusively pump need to pump more frequently then baby eats. For my BF, it takes 2 pumping sessions to give her DS a complete feeding.

    Have you been to kellymom? It is a great resource.


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    When I eat oatmeal my supply increases & also drink lots & lots of water!!  & just keep pumping!!!  GL!!
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