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DS has recently begun sleeping in a strange pattern.  He nurses to sleep and is asleep for the night between 8-9pm.  He will usually give up 3-4 hours that first spurt which is great(wish I could fall asleep too to maximize my sleep time but oh well!)  Then he's up, nurses again for a short time and back to sleep until about 2. 

Then the real fun begins!  From 2am on he wakes up about every 45mins.  I can't soothe him back to sleep any other way but nursing (everything else just makes him scream louder). He keeps up this pattern until he's up for the day around 6am. 

What can I do?  I use white noise, and only pick him up once he's actually crying.  I don't let him make too much noise bc DH has to get up at 5am to work.  Any advice?  Anyone elses LO doing this?  This has been a pattern for a few nights now and it's exhausting.

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  • Mine gets about 5 hours from 7-12 or 8-1 and then eats and goes back to sleep til 3-4, then gets up every hour until 7 and I give up and start my day! In my head when I am sleepy I still convince myself that if he drank 4 oz then he will sleep longer but it has yet to actually become a reality for those early morning hours!
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  • Same thing here...I am ok with 6 a.m. but 4?  He is usually wide awake and we are looking for suggestions to..or just hope he will stretch longer eventually
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