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Dont feel pregnant..

I always am seeing posts about aches and pains, but is there anyone who feels fine? I am 28+ weeks and, knock on wood, but this pregnancy has been a breeze, I do realize things are going to blow up in my face tomorrow lol. I never had morning sickness, i can sleep perfectly, i'm not uncomfortable, sometimes I actually forget I'm pregnant. I have not changed much on my daily routines, i stand most of the day at work, and also lift some quasi heavy things on occasion. I broke my back (second Lumbar) in 2001 so my back always hurts at the end of the day, but id say it hurts maybe 10% more theses days. I feel the baby kick mostly at night but not much during the day. Everyone says i look great and my bump is small.. not really what i want to hear esp, after going and registering yesterday and seeing lots of big bumps. I have bump envy! I understand everone is different, but does anyone else feel like this? I get a ultrasound every time i go to the dr and everything is normal, i just feel like i should feel more pregnant, if that makes sense.
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Re: Dont feel pregnant..

  • Well  I can sorta sympathize.  I haven't changed much of my routine either.  I still go to the gym a few days a week, teach dance, work full time, sleep through the night, don't have much more pain than normal.  I've always been tired throughout the day and I took naps all the time before I got pregnant.  My back always hurts at the end of the day from normal daily activities and doesn't seem to hurt much more.  I only had morning sickness a few times (could count them on 1 hand).  I do have a lot of heartburn though which I never had before.  I swear sometimes if the baby didn't kick, I would just think I was fat.  My bump is huge or at least that's how I feel anyway.  But like they say...Everyone is different.  I think you should just enjoy your symptom free pregnancy for what it is.  Just remember, the next pregnancy may be completely different and full of every symptom in the book.  
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  • I can understand how you feel, also. 

    I'm really happy that I don't have any of the typical pregnancy symptoms, but like you said I feel like tomorrow that could all change!  My doctors are so happy with my pregnancy so far... I have gained a normal amount of weight so far, my blood pressure is always low, GT test results came back great, the baby is doing very well and measures on the 50th percentile and I never ask them crazy or numerous questions... They call me their "perfect patient".  I joke back and say I'm going to have the labor and delivery from hell! LOL.  To which they reply there's no guarantees and that could be easy for me, as well.  We'll see.... and like the pp said, the next pregnancy you could have every symptom under the sun.

    I will admit, I have my bad days.  Through out my pregnancy I have had some bouts with sciatica but it's more annoying than anything. And recently, I have felt more tired, almost as bad as when I was in the 1st trimester.  Also new in the 3rd trimester is the swelling around my ankles and feet.  I only notice it when I have been on my feet a lot during the day but once I relax for the evening or go to bed, the swelling goes down.  Mind you the swelling is so minor that when I showed my husband, he laughed and said he couldn't see any difference.

    So enjoy the time you have like this because who knows how much longer it will last!

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  • I could have wrote this post word for word! I feel totally "normal" still. I have never "felt pregnant." I keep saying I am just going to have a baby in my arms one day thats mine!?!? I just started getting slightly swollen ankles at night this week and I can honestly say that my first pregnancy related symptom!
  • Lol-I hear ya.  I keep thanking my lucky stars and assuming that every "tomorrow" will be the day of doom where everything hits me all at once like a MAC truck.  I don't want to jinx it so I don't talk about it much.  When people ask how I'm doing I just say, "I've been very lucky", knock on wood, and pray for another pretty normal day.  The past couple of days it feels like I'm doubling in size every hour though, so my happy days may very well come to an end here pretty soon. ;)
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