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Do you feed your twins at the same time?

I have tried propping bottles with no luck.  My babies are too active and knock the bottle away constantly!  I tried to sit them in thier boppies and use a blanket to prop the bottle.  It has been taking me forever to feed one then the next.  I am really looking forward to getting them on the same schedule and being able to care for them on my own.  I have had help from my mom the first 3 mos. they were home from the hospital...but now it is only me as my hub works 12hrs/day. Begging for tips and shared experiences in feeding multiples!  TIA

Re: Do you feed your twins at the same time?

  • I put one on the boppy next to me (on my right) and had the other in the "crook" of my leg (if that makes sense?) ... my foot up on the couch, making a cradle in my leg sort of (left side).... so i had 2 free hands to hold their bottles.  I'd feed them enough that they could wait a minute while the other burped.
  • I dont always feed them at the same time, but I will if I have to.  I do not have to prop the bottle though.  I hold one and feed them (with my arm supporting their head and reaching around to hold the bottle) and the other sits in front of me in a boppy or bouncy seat.  I stop half way through and burp both.
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  • i always feed them at the same time. one way was with boppys on either side of me and i would hold the bottles, stopping to burp in the middle. you could also put them in bouncy seats and hold the bottles for them. i also would sit on the couch and prop my knees up on the coffee table, feed on on my lap like that with the other on a boppy next to me. i always help the bottles though, never propped them. i dont know how old they are now, but if you get a full size high chair they recline pretty far so you could put them in there on full recline and hold the bottles for them that way. 
  • Boppies help with feeding them at the same time.
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  • I always feed them at the same time. I sit on the floor with a boppy on each side of me and hold their bottles. 
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  • we have the nap nannys.. we put them in the nap nanny and feed them their bottle.  Solids of course in the high chair. (when they can sit on their own) 

    Our Nap Nannies have been the best investment of all!!

    LOs like them more than the swing, bouncer, etc.

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  • At 3 months I started feeding them in their FP spacesaver high chairs.  They recline back which works great for bottle feeding.  That way I am able to sit in a real chair and feed them at the same time. 
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  • I would sit on the couch, with 1 baby laying on each side, and I'd hold a bottle in each side. 
  • When I do feed them at the same time (usually mornings), I pop them both into their bouncers that also have a leg to make them stationary and not able to rock. Then I hold a bottle in each hand for each baby. I never prop mine since they move a lot and since I have to feed them like that once a day, I want the most time with them. My girls are nosy and look all over so holding them helps for me!
  • I used to put them each in a bouncy, face them and hold both bottles if I had to.  But I liked to bond individually, so I would try my best to stagger their schedules by about 10 minutes.  That way one wouldn't freak as I was feeding the other.  Now that they are older, if they even see a spoon or bottle go towards the other one, they scream! I think it was easier to feed them at the same time when they were tiny and didn't move.
  • I've almost always fed them at the same time, but bottle propping never worked for me. I would put them in their bouncy seats (or boppys when they were really small) and sit in between them with my back against the back of a couch, the wall, etc., for support, and I held one bottle in each hand.
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  • I use a pillow from the couch to prop the babies up on and then hold each bottle. 
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