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MF on CD 13????

So annoyed, I'm only on CD 13 and already I have sore breasts and I feel bloated.  This is the hard part about not temping, maybe I O'd early and didn't realize it.  I did have watery CM this past Friday.

Arrrrg, the MF starts already!

Re: MF on CD 13????

  • I feel your pain.  I have had MF since CD 13 too.  I was away the day I'm pretty sure I ovulated so I know it isn't real.  Its a pain but you're right all you can do is wait.  Good luck to you.

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  • i had sore boobs a bit this cycle for twos days right before O - (Just a little bit). and i had O pains too which i never have.  maybe that O is right around the corner for you along with some ewcm.
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  • Sad  I'm sorry.  I know how you feel.  I am 3 DPO today and am starting to get MF.  I know there is no way at all that this could be PG symptoms. 

    Stupid MF.

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  • I'm sorry- I'm right near you (CD15 today).  We'll hang out with some Drinks or Pizza and wait......
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