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Follow up from RE Appt (mixed news - long)

I just got back from the RE's office.  First off, I really like her.  She seems like she is going to be very proactive and she realized very quickly that I am pretty familiar with a lot of this stuff, so she didn't talk down to me. 

Bad news:  She diagnosed me with PCOS, which I have asked other Drs about numerous times and have always been told that because my androgen tests are within normal range that I don't have it.  She said that I have most of the clinical symptoms of PCOS (irregular ovulation, acne, weight issues, unwanted hair growth).  She did an ultrasound of my ovaries and said that it is pretty clear that I do in fact have PCOS.  My left ovary is larger than my right and was covered in cysts.  It looked a little like swiss cheese on the ultrasound.  She did say that it looked like I probably already O'd this cycle, which confirms my chart and symptoms.  She also said that she was not concerned that I have never gotten a +OPK because apparently that is common with women who have PCOS.  

She is going to run a bajillion tests tomorrow, including a fasting glucose and insulin tolerance test, some genetic test, a bunch of clotting tests, thyroid tests, and some antibody tests.  We are going to meet again on the 18th to go over the results.  

She is very concerned about my clotting factors.  She said that it always a major concern in late losses, and since I have had a blood clot in the past and my mom has had several, this is a huge concern.  She thinks that it could be the reason we lost the twins.  

If I conceived this cycle, she wants me to start progesterone and a baby aspirin as soon as I get a BFP.  She may also want to put me on Lovenox, depending on the test results.  If I did not conceive this cycle, I will go back on Clomid (50mg CD 3-7), get an ultrasound on CD 12 or 13, get a trigger shot and timed intercourse.  She did not seem at all concerned about the increased risk of twinning.  She did say that she often uses Femara instead of Clomid, but since I used Clomid before with success we can go ahead and continue it.  We are also going to discuss using Metformin depending on my test results.  

She also recommended trying to lose weight, although she warned that it is more difficult when you have PCOS, so she gave me the names of a couple of Drs who specialize in helping women with PCOS lose weight.  

Overall, I am feeling pretty good about the appointment.  I am really annoyed that it took this long to diagnose a condition I was pretty sure I had because other Drs haven't kept up on the research.  I am hoping that I got lucky this cycle and most of this becomes a moot point, but if it isn't, at least we have a concrete plan.  

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Re: Follow up from RE Appt (mixed news - long)

  • Sounds like a very productive appointment and that she is very proactive.

    I also have PCOS (even though my b/w was also normal) and MTHFR/clotting issues so if you end up having any questions let me know.

    I am sure it feels good to at least have a plan going forward.

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  • eris - that's great you have a diagnosis.  that's already a step in the right direction.  PCOS is a difficult diagnosis but MANY women with PCOS conceive and have healthy babes.  it sounds like your RE knows what she's talking about. 

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  • I am sorry it took so long for Dr.'s to figure out what was going on and that they wouldn't listen before. That's not cool at all. I am glad you finally have a plan, though :) I have had several friends get diagnosed with PCOS and many of them have gone on to have healthy babies. One was on Clomid and it was when she went off of it she get her BFP, which I thought was kind of interesting. 

    Good luck!  I am so glad your RE is taking care of you and listening to your concerns. 



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  • I'm glad you had a good appointment! I hope whatever game plan is in place gets you to your take home baby.
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  • It really sounds like she is proactive!  
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  • I'm glad to hear it was a productive appt. I would be upset too about PCOS since you have mentioned it to your other drs. (((hugs))). GL this cycle! 
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  • Glad you have a plan in place!  That must be a huge load off your mind.  
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  • Sounds like a pretty good appt because you finally got some answers. I am glad to hear that you know what you are dealing with. I am surprised that she would want you to start baby aspirin WHEN you get your BFP and not before? Hmm..I always thought that it needed to be in your system at least 30 days before a BFP.

    As far as your PCOS diagnosis, it is amazing how good we are at self diagnosing. You knew all along. I have found that I have become my own best advocate through this process. Cheers to you! 

    edit to add: I am also surprised by the no + OPK. I was always under the impression that women with PCOS commonly got + OPKs even when they weren't ovulating. So that is news to me also. 

    I hope that this appt brings you the clarity you need to formulate a plan and move forward with your TTC plans. GL!!!!



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  • Hi Friend-

    sorry about the miss diagnoses before, that is just awful that you had that feeling but  no one looked into it further for you.  Glad to hear the appt was productive and sounds like the RE is in your corner and getting you on your way.   I'm happy to hear there is a plan in place on both accounts - although for sure hoping it's a BFP for you!!  I am FX my fingers for you and so glad that you were feeling good about things.    hopefully this is our cycle buddy! :)


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  • Sounds like you had a good appt.  Good luck!!
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  • Sounds like a good appointment- I'm glad you have a concrete plan.

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