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Cary/Raleigh mommies to be

Hi ladies,

I'm not really a "bump" girl but I know some of you from a year or more ago during my wedding planning on the knot.

I'm actually here for my SIL. She works for Siemens and will be in Cary, NC tomorrow and Wed and needs a model for OB demonstrations. If you're interested, it is paid and you'll also receive a cd with the images of your baby. :)

I'm not soliciting business for her and I'm definitely not getting paid haha. I just thought maybe someone would be interested nearby that would be available :) She doesn't get paid extra if you go or anything. The bump board was just the best place I could think of to help her find someone :)

If you are, email me at leah dot smeenk at gmail dot com and I'll get you in touch with her.


Re: Cary/Raleigh mommies to be

  • Hey! I remember you. I think your sister was in BRU today looking for models! Anyway when are you coming over to the Bump side?!
    image Caleb is 3! 101 in 1001
  • haha... I'm honestly not sure. :) We're not settled down yet in a home or even local area. We've just been married since Oct and I'm still working on my doctorate. We want to be a little more "established" (I guess that is the best word for it?). And SO many close friends are having babies right now so it takes all my energy just to focus on their bundles of joy! haha. :) 5 of my closest friends are all due this year.
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