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My baby will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and she just had her first tooth break through today. Isn't this super early? Has anyone else had a baby teeth this early?

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  • Some babies are born with teeth. Freaky, huh?

    Her first tooth is early, but not extremely so. Teething starts for most children any time between 3 months and one year, so there is a huge gap to what is average. And some babies get them earlier, or they don't have a tooth for their first birthday! We photograph a lot of babies at the studio I work at, and we have seen it all. lol

    You just need to get a tooth brush and baby toothpaste. Gerber makes a toothbrush that fits on your finger, which is much easier for babies.

    And enjoy the smiles with baby's first tooth!


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  • That seems crazy early to me but that's probably because DS got his first tooth at 11.5 months, LOL! Like pp said - there is a huge range. 
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