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FYI:  I think I spent more time looking for a cute mail pic than I did writing it haha 

<font color="#FF0000">PAL/PGAL Welcome</font>

BFP#1 04/2007 ~ MC @ 7 weeks

BFP#2 12/2010 ~ ectopic in left tube - emergency LAP

BFP#3 06/2011 ~ ectopic in right tube w/ 2 rounds of Methotrexate and LAP after rupture

One blocked tube left: TTA until we have a plan

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<font color="#00FF00">Congrats to Muffinhb! Grow little mini muffin!</font>

Re: ~muffinhb~

  • Back at ya girly!!

    I love the panda she is so cute!!

    BFP#1 11.19.10 Missed MC 01.10.11 Sam & Alex
    BFP#2 05.08.11 Birthday 1.11.12 Peyton
    BFP#3 06.10.12 Birthday 2.14.13-Cooper Lilypie First Birthday tickers Lilypie Second Birthday tickers Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

    Congrats to my buddy Ambs21! Welcome to the world Audrey!
    Congrats to my buddy Mork! Welcome sweet E!
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