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Why is the 6th week the most difficult so far?

I thought it only got easier, not harder! Oh, boy.. and just when I thought we had it all figured out..
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Re: Why is the 6th week the most difficult so far?

  • My friends and I were talking about this last weekend. I don't think you can really figure them out until they are at least a year old. As soon as you spot a routine- a growth spurt, teeth, cold, drs apt, sleep regression, diaper rash, etc- messes it back up.

    But, to answer your question, 6 weeks is about the time of the second major growth spurt. After that is the two month shots, the three month growth spurt and sleep regression,  then the four month shots, then solids....

    It does get easier as you gain in experience, though, and as you get to know your little one's personality better and can communicate better.

    ETA: Sorry! DS hit the enter key on me. lol. But it will get better! 


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  • I always heard 6-8 was the worst because their bowels go through a big growth spurt, so food takes longer to pass which leads to more gas and constipation / firmer poop that's hard for them to figure out. Apparently they're not good at releasing the anal sphincter to poop, so in the beginning, their poops are much looser. From about 6 wks on, DS pooped every 4-5 days, which pedi said was ok as long as he's not hurting and no blood. Now at 10 wks, he's going every other day because I think he's learning how to release his sphincter.
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  • We're nine weeks tomorrow and these past two days have been "different." Not a terrible day or super fussy baby, but she's only taking 1hr naps and then up then fussing at the boob, loud outbursts sometimes, not crying but just screaming something and then she stops. She thinks everything is funny also. She still sleeps through the night, but she's gone from 3-4hr naps and up for 1 hr like clockwork to 1hr naps and up for inconsistent periods. She never had a 6 week growth spurt or it wasn't apparent... there wasn't any change in schedules or anything so I didn't notice a 6 week spurt. Sooo 8w5d to 6d were the hardest so far!
  • the 6th week is supposed to be the roughest in terms of colic/fussiness/sleep issues. It's biological. Although it's actually 6 weeks after the due date so my LO hit it at 9/10 weeks. But then it got better really fast!
  • I agree. I thought we were getting into the swing of things and she has been acting like a new baby the last few days!
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  • The 6 week growth spurt almost killed me with DS. He wouldn't sleep except on me, and even then for no longer than 20 minutes. Nightmare. GL momma, this too shall pass!
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