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For old siggie is gone?  This is annoying!
Three losses in 2009; Boy/Girl twins born in 2010 image

Re: Siggie

  • I don't know what happened but I had to redo everything.  So glad to finally see you around!   The babies are DARLING!!!!!!

    <a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers" /></a><a href=""><img src="" width="400" height="80" border="0" alt="Lilypie Third Birthday tickers" /></a>
  • ugggg - I have logged in multiple times the past 3 days and can't change my siggie.  I keep getting errors.  You would think the bump could get a better tech department and get their stuff together.
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  • Oh my goodness, they are so cute!
    Mom to six awesome kids - Levi is 12, Landen is 8, Gabrielle is 6, Lucas is 3, and Oliver and Samuel are 2 years old. Love my crew. Baby Birthday Ticker TickerBaby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • The Bump has an impressive amount of technical errors. I don't know why my avatar changes five times a day either. But your siggy pic is adorable!
    fraternal twin boys born january 2009
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