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I haven't been on the board in what feels like so long at this point.  Life is so hectic right now. Sad  Anyway, I had my HSG today and it really wasn't bad at all.  My dr did the procedure himself and it was so fast (like literally less than 2-3 min).  Just some cramping when the dye was injected.  Fortunately everything looked normal and the genetic testing for DH and I came back normal. 

Next step is checking my anticardiolipin IGM antibody one more time.  I have had it checked twice and both times it was in the indeterminite range (so not high, but not normal either).  If it's elevated at all my dr wants to treat it when we TTC again, which would include daily heparin injections. 

Is it strange that no true answer to my 3 losses is a good outcome to me?  Well, my second loss was due to a randomly occurring chromosomal abnormality, but I never thought no "answer" would be what I was hoping for.  The fourth time better be a charm! 

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Re: HSG Today

  • Glad everything went well today and it sounds like your dr. is being thorough. No, I don't think it's strange that you feel that "no answer" is a good outcome for you. I've felt that way at times as well. GL with your b/w. 
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  • I'm glad it went smoothly and you got good results. 
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