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tummy time question

DD doesn't have a mat yet for tummy time, and I'm wondering what you gals are using for your LOs and would recommend?


Re: tummy time question

  • I have not gotten a mat yet but I just put one of the many fluffy fleece blankets that we got from the shower down on the floor. I got about 6 of them and we don't really use them for anything so they work for tummy time for now.

    I probably won't get a mat until ds starts paying attention to things hanging down and can kick at them and stuff.


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  • I have a really simple tummy time mat from TJ Maxx. It just is a comfy mat with a mirror and a few toys. Usually now she looks at herself then falls asleep!

    I did get a really nice Little Einstein Mat with all the bells and whistles that I'll use when she's older.

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