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May 2011 Moms

You've now entered into a world of hurt...

So pregnancy comes with aches and pains but for me it's gotten progressively worse since hitting 29 weeks.

List your aches and pains here....



* One of my ankles is always hurting. Mainly the left.

* My lower back hurts often

* One of my hips hurts daily. Sometimes it's that whole side of my body

* I get stitches in my sides

* Sometimes I get short of breath for no reason

* I get the worst air that travels up my right rib to my right shoulder blade. I hate this pain the most.

Wow, you'd think I'm 80 instead of pregnant.

Let's hear yours so I don't feel so bad. Stick out tongue 



Re: You've now entered into a world of hurt...

  • My back is always aching

    I'm always exhausted

    I can't do anything with out getting short of breath

    LO has moved constantly for 3 days, and while its a great feeling, My insides need a break and I'm pretty sure he needs to sleep

    My vajaja aches

    I have sciatica  (or whatever the correct word/spelling is)

    If I' not crying and upset, I'm grumpy and snarky

    Always light-headed

    Cant get comfy in any sitting or lying position

    I can't remember all

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  • I measure 40 wks for a singleton so I feel like I am ready to pop and will feel this way and worse for 2 more months! Running after a toddler doesn't make it any easier.

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  • *My back hurts all day, but is worst in the morning when I first get up.

    *I don't sleep well in the bed anymore.  The recliner is my new BFF.

    *My m/s and nausea are back.

    *By 2 pm each day, I no longer have ankles.

    *One boy is head down and puts lots of pressure on my lady bits.  Boy #2 is opposite and kicks my lady bits.

    *Can't talk for long periods of time without losing my breath.


  • - My butt cheeks hurt constantly.

    - Hemmies. 'nuff said.

    Pregnancy is a total pain in my arse.

  • My heart rate has stayed consistently above 100bpm since about 16 weeks.

    Only sleep for 1-2 hour increments at a time. 

    Constant pelvic pressure.

    2 breech babies = abused cervix and bladder

    Dizzy all the time.

    I have trouble putting on pants, rolling over in bed, or getting up from a sitting position without pelvic/hip pain. 



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  • My left side (a) is on fire, (b) feels like I have a broken rib, and (c) has many more pains I can't describe.

    I am on bed rest, so any time I have to walk anywhere, i.e. doctor's appointment, my legs are sore for the next two days.

     I am not sleeping well.  I wake up to contractions and having to pee every few hours.  My belly is so full of babies that I can't sit up to go to the bathroom.

    I take Procardia to slow the contractions and it makes me feel like I am having a panic attack at least once daily.

    Those are the more irksome pains.

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  • Lol..

    The butt cheeks hurting and the sad, grumpy or snarky I can totally relate too.

  • *I feel like I have a stomach ache almost constantly

    *My back aches when I try and sleep

    *I get butt cramps which go figure are not as funny as they sound

    *My nipples randomly hurt

    *I am tired of my bladder being kicked because it feels uncomfortable!

    I definitely feel like an old lady!


  • *My ankles hurt so badly when I'm walking up any sort of incline.

    *I have BH contractions almost every time I walk from one class to another on campus.

    *I have trouble breathing, and run out of breath when climbing stairs, walking briskly, or giving a speech (a real problem since I'm in a public speaking course this semester).

    *I have really bad rib pain on my right side.

    *I rarely have lower back pain; I have mid-back pain daily.  I suspect that I need to visit a chiropractor, but I know that I won't go before the baby is born.

    *I still get occasional gas pains that make it impossible to walk or move without extreme pain. 

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  • Ummm.......I had heartburn?

    Oh, and I can't walk up the hill at school and talk on the phone at the same time anymore!


    Belly Bug <3 BFP June 11th, 2010 missed m/c July 7th, 2010<br>

  • This middle back pain is killing me.

    Lower back achiness.

    Some sciatic pain.

    Hip pain when sleeping.

    Leg cramps and foot cramps (OW!!!)

    Sore/dry nasal passages. 

     ETA indigestion.  Yesterday I burped, and stomach acid went in my nose.  lovely.

    I think that's it :)

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  • image ErinC1014:

    This middle back pain is killing me.

    Lower back achiness.

    Some sciatic pain.

    Hip pain when sleeping.

    Leg cramps and foot cramps (OW!!!)

    Sore/dry nasal passages. 

     ETA indigestion.  Yesterday I burped, and stomach acid went in my nose.  lovely.

    I think that's it :)

    I hate that! It hurts and it feels/tastes gross.

  • Constant stabbing/burning pain in my right side while I'm sitting- and I can't stand and work at the same time so this is kind of a problem for me.

    Not sleeping well and have to turn over a lot which is a feat in and of itself.

    If I take my iron supplement I feel like crap. If I don't take it I feel like crap. Awesome.

    I've had congested sinuses for about 2 months.

    Lower back pain, mostly on right side. Chiro seems to help but only for a few days after the visit then it's back to being in pain.


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  • transverse baby jabbing on my rib cage

    he's heavy and I feel like I have pulled muscles around my stomach

    bad sciatica...I'm seeing a chiro and it still hurts

    I'm now getting cankles that I wake up with in the am


    crotch pain that feels like I worked out for 12 hours straight then rode a horse for miles

    inability to squat 

  • Constant back, hip and pubic pain and popping joints, made worse with sleeping and sitting for long periods (basically my job).

    Heartburn all the time (even with medication)

    My rib cage feels bruised every single morning when I put on my new industrial bra to hold my enormous boobs

    Swollen ankles (thankfully not painful yet)

    Haven't got a good night's sleep in at least six months, which aggravates my bad, chroinc headaches (tylenol is a JOKE) and back pain

    No energy or concentration


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  • *I'm exhausted most of the time (amazingly last night I actually slept pretty good, for    the first time in a couple of months), if this is anything like my last pregnancy I'll sleep 10-14 hours a day when I can the last 3-4 weeks before I go into labor.

    *My back hurts and I get short of breath just trying to vacuum my tiny apartment.

    *My back starts hurting only a few minutes into washing dishes/loading the dishwasher.

    *My lower abdomen muscles get sore easily if I don't wear a belly belt when I'm on my feet a lot.

    *I have to sit with may back strait or baby stretches out and forces me too LOL. It sounds funny and is a little funny but it does hurt.

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  • My back, neck and hip hurts all the time.

    My lady bits are swollen and weirdly bigger because of all the pressure from her head.

    The aches and pains are getting worse because I can't be up and as active anymore.

    When I am active I start having dizzy spells, BH contractions and shortness of breath.

    I have a short torso so not only are my lady bits on fire because of her head but my ribs are constantly bruised because of her feet. 

    I also have a weird pain in my left ankle. The joints are super loose.

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  • Heartburn & nausea...why hello again.

    Bottom right part of my tailbone stings when I twist a certain way {not really thinking it's sciatica though, have been griping/begging DH to see chiropractor but we're waiting to find out insurance coverage}

    Last night I woke up to the top right of the bump feeling super sore {enough to wake me up and I'm a heavy sleeper still}

    And DD likes to punch me in the va-jay-jay...what a booger!

  • Honest to god..all I really complain about is the pubic pain.

    Ok sure, I have gas/burping but it happens. Yes I still take meds for hyperemesis but it could be worse! This pubic pain though? fml..

    It's bad enough that I'm at a point where normally women go 'oh I have 10 weeks!' but if I follow family trends, I have about maybe six so I get all twitchy when things go tight and painful even when I know good and well that everything in the cervix area is closed up

  •  sciatica... just flare ups for now. But when its flared, i walk like a caveman and cant do anything normal for days at a time.

    crotch pain that feels like I worked out for 12 hours straight then rode a horse for miles. to be fair its only bad after i walk for long periods.

    Old lady hip pain at night


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  • How I love this idea!

    * Backbreaking backaches - grown woman crying pain. (middle back)

    * many many Braxton hicks a day that make my upper abdomen so very sore

    * no sleeping due to <3burn, aches, etc. 

    * Ummmm my ears hurt when I sleep on my side?!?!

    * Getting winded doing the most simple tasks

    * round ligament pain that will stop you in your tracks and cause you to cry out loud

    Add that to my arthritis and regular bruising, and I'm an old woman, too!

  • My boobs hurt in a bra, and now they hurt when out of a bra!

     My back hurts (all over).

    Sciatic pain in my butt.

    My feet hurt.

    And my ribs hurt.  Including that area under my breast bone that tends to be a fun burning sensation.

    I am sure I am forgetting something.

    His three plus my one; we are all excited to welcome a little one!

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  • Holy back aches, like an old lady. Also, I feel pressure on my lower back, ugh.  my feet are hot messes, always aching.
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  • OH I wanna play!

    Im measuring 40+ wks due to excessive amnio fluid

    I have contractions daily

    I cant sleep more than a few hours at a time

    I have to have amnio reduction (removing fluid) every 2wks...makes my belly hurt for 1wk after wards.

    Also just mentally tired....


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  • Thank goodness I have you all to whine to!!

    * back pain

    * ass cramps

    * hemorrhoids  

    * my hips hurt

    * because of the hemorrhoids and hip pain it hurts to walk

    * I have to stop at the top of the stairs at work to regain my breath and I am a high school teacher with a classroom on the 2nd floor and the teacher's room bathroom is on the first floor so I am constantly going up and down.


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  • I've had a few days of dizziness that was equivilent to motion sickness, even when I was sitting still.  But it's coming and going now.  That and I've had hip pain/sciatica since I was in the first tri- but it's almost like I'm used to it now... is that bad?

    I feel pretty fortunate that I'm not in the same boat as a lot of you!  I hope things don't get worse for you ladies!

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  • *lower back pain

    *constant heartburn, no matter what I eat or take

    *shortness of breath

    new this week:

    * cankles in the afternoon



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